ROH Woman Tournament 2021

Who do you think would be some good “NEW” names to add to the ROH woman’s division for 2021

after wwe cut these two Gems

  1. Mickey James

  2. Chelsea Green

Are my 2 picks I hope to see in the future


Ivelisse. Don’t know exactly what happened between her and AEW but unlike a lot of their women’s division, she has personality.


She absolutely deserves the opportunity on this level.

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If they’re able to travel, I think they’ll bring in Session Moth Martina and Kellyanne for it, as they’re both under contract I believe.

I would like to see Nicole Savoy in it. I second LuFusto as well.


Nicole Matthews would be a great talent to bring in

Trish Adora and Miranda Alize are both in as of this week. They seem like good additions and I thought they had a good match.

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