Roman Reigns' Clash of Champions opponent to be determined, Women's Tag Title match set for SmackDown

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WWE made several additions to the lineup for the September 4th edition of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. The new Universal Champion Roman Reigns is set to appear on the show alongside Paul Heyman to address their alliance and the conclusion of this past Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view that saw Reigns become a two-time Universal Champion.

#TheBigDog returns to his yard!@WWERomanReigns will address the WWE Universe with @HeymanHustle on #SmackDown!

📺: Friday, 8/7 C @FOXTV

— WWE (@WWE) September 3, 2020

WWE’s next pay-per-view is Clash of Champions on 9/27 and Roman Reigns is defending the title at that event. Tomorrow on SmackDown, Big E, King Corbin, Sheamus and Matt Riddle are competing in a four-way match to determine who’ll be facing Reigns at Clash of Champions.

Also set for SmackDown is a rematch from Payback. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are going to be defending their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships against the former champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley. Jax and Baszler defeated Banks and Bayley this past Sunday and to get a recap of how that match ended, head over to the article concerning said match.

It’s way too early for the Big E title challenge unless the story is fail now and succeed later but WWE isn’t patient enough to tell that story, If Roman is a heel it has to be Riddle?

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It doesn’t make sense. Corbin and Sheamus both lost their match at Payback.

They gave Reigns the title already? Didn’t he just make a big return and heel turn a week or two ago? Bloody hell, WWE has absolutely no patience.

TBH, there’s got to be a winner first.

For all we know, whatever incarnation of Bray Wyatt may interfere or Roman just lays out everybody and it ends up being a five away at Clash Of Champions

Well Riddle already hyped it up with his live reaction to Reigns returning. If they was planned then well played. I don’t find any of the other options interesting to be honest. Would’ve care if I don’t get see them for the rest of the year so hopefully it is Riddle.

It’ll be BIG E (excuse the pun)

Sheamus and Corbin would be huge letdowns. Though since I assume Roman is going over strong, they both make more sense in that respect than either Big E or Riddle. I personally don’t like Riddle, but why job him out? And if they’ve been building Big E just to have him lose to Roman out of the gates, that’s just another stop-start for a potential main eventer than the fans would actually get behind.

Nothing like WWE booking. Finally pull the trigger on the Roman Reigns heel(-ish) turn and his first program sucks before it exists.

Isn’t that how every title match works? Either it’s against someone no one cares about so them losing doesn’t mean anything or it’s against someone that’s getting a push so them losing will mean something…?

I definitely prefer the latter. How a wrestler reacts to big losses is a part of building them up as well and it can work better than them just getting a win against some other midcard wrestler simply because there’s more attention on them at a higher level. How they use that attention is most important.

How long you’ve been watching WWE for?

Yeah I know I’m beating a dead horse.

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Didn’t they surpass themselves ? We went from 1 illegal challenger to 2 at the same time.

I agree with this, but to me it feels like the wrong place in both his and Roman’s arc for that match and that story to (potentially) happen.

Hope I’m wrong, Big E. is a main event talent, over with both mainstream audience and “smarks”, AND there’s no “too small for Vince” stigma. A rare combo.

Far from perfect, but regarding the above, I’m very happy to be wrong (at least for tonight). Interesting surprise.

I dont know how far Jimmy is from coming back, but I think they could get a solid couple months from this program. They could interview him from home. Really play up the family stuff. I’m impressed WWE came up with this.