Rumoured Rey Mysterio Match at Mania

There have been some rumors recently (per Marc Middleton of Lords of Pain as one source) that Rey Mysterio will face John Cena at Mania this year.

Thoughts ?

Wonder where this puts Taker. Guess last year was legit his last match.

Still a bit to go until Mania, but you figure the card should be set in stone by now.

Wrestling fans: “Alright, the WWE signed another one of our favorites!”

Also wrestling fans: “How come all of our favorites don’t have a spot on the card at Wrestlemania this year besides random multi-man matches and battle royals?”


I would be all for that. Keep Taker retired and advertise a dream match that could very well deliver in the ring. You could argue that you should use either guy as a way of building up someone new but if they just want a big match then do it with each other. I still think Cena should be losing to Braun at Mania, could make Braun the next big star.


Rather it be Ricochet at Takeover

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It would sure be a better match than the Taker one. But from a story perspective it doesn’t make much sense.


Mysterio vs Cena is a dream match in this season. if Taker can do it , do it

Along the same lines…I actually think the best opponent for Rey Mysterio wrestlemania weekend would be against Andrade Almas at Takeover. Rey and Cena are two of WWE’s biggest babyfaces, they have 0 reasons to feud.

I think that NXT is heading Almas towards Alister Black which would also be a terrific match. But Black could also face Killien Dane, leaving Almas open to face Mysterio in a match with a real storyline about how Almas has disrespected his Lucha roots.

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Do you think that having Rey face an NXT opponent is beneath him right now? After the reception of his Rumble entrance it was clear the WWE Universe is still pretty high on Rey.

Do you think that given that he has surpassed even being considered for an NXT match?

Would he putting over Almas hurt him at all? I know it would help Almas a ton which is only good if they plan on pushing up hard on the main roster after Mania.

Do I think NXT is “beneath” Rey? Absolutely not. WWE has repeatedly proved that “in kayfabe” NXT champions are top tier WWE workers, often winning championships on their first night after being drafted. And that NXT is the “hot brand” kicking off wrestlemania weekend in the same arena as Raw and Smackdown.

Main eventing Takeover is a more impressive feat than being a returning superstar in the middle of Raw. And there’s no reason he couldn’t do both.

And a loss to Almas would mean nothing. He’s already a legend and WWE’s biggest latino superstar of all time. He can lose to Almas on Friday, beat Elias on Monday and still sell a ton of new Mysterio masks.

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Jushin Liger appeared at a Takeover…pretty sure Rey would be fine with that. Not like he wasn’t slumming it the past few years anyways.

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At this stage of his career they should be thinking more about how they can use him to make new guys rather than “Is this beneath him?”. Plus it’s not as if you need the guy to be your world champ right now, use him for special attraction matches and create new stars working with him.

You are right, perhaps “is this beneath him?” was the wrong question. I was thinking that if they were going to use Rey to put someone over is it best to do it with an NXT superstar over a main roster one they are looking to bump to the maincard?

I am curious as to whom would be best to be slotted against Rey.

If you think NXT isn’t good enough for Rey, you will really hate what I’d like to see. He faces winner of the cw tournament, or the match is made triple threat and he wins. He should lose at next years WM after proving he still has it and getting some eyes on the newer talent. People will stick around to see Rey.

I agree with that. As WWE has shown, it’s not very often that they call up a NXT wrestler and that build is transferred over successfully. I do think Rey would be a big help for Smackdown, a lot of those guys need that extra push and the show overall could do with more star power. Matches with AJ, Owens, Zayn and even Corbin would be interesting.

I mean I’d love to see Almas and Rey work together, they both have deep roots in Lucha Libre and Mexican Wrestling, and Rey is a pure babyface.

AJ, or Ricochet would also be amazing to see. I don’t want to see him doing a David vs. Goliath run again where he takes on nothing but big guys. I think they can still make Rey the perpetual underdog against mid-sized guys Seth Rollins, or Finn Balor.

I’d like to see Rey vs. Rick O’Shea (or whatever name he uses).

Not thrilled on returners out of nowhere vs. Champions (Almas).

Cena seems like a stretch but might just be where it falls this year.

He’s advertised as Ricochet…that joke died faster than stars in Japan and Reseda.

Just got to see the man wrestle, and all you think of is “Damn, I can’t wait for WWE to turn him lose on NXT and then the main roster.”

I got to see him at a house show, loved him as Prince Puma on Lucha Underground and he was just excellent to watch. My dad who came with me is not a big fan of “flippy sh*t” but he couldn’t stop talking about Ricochet after seeing that match.

I’m calling it; Braun & Mysterio vs The Bar at Wrestle Mania. B&M will win with a Mysterio splash off Braun’s shoulders.

It’s gonna be Braun and Elias…They will be The Band if Robbie Robertson doesn’t sue them for gimmick infringement and win because partners who hate each other is a staple.