Rusev reveals he has COVID-19, Lana posts update on her parents

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During a Twitch stream on Sunday afternoon, Miroslav Barnyashev (formerly known as “Rusev”) revealed he has COVID-19.

Barnyashev explained that he received a phone call informing him that he had tested positive for the virus.

Rusev has COVID-19

Test Result

— Robert DeFelice (@dudefelice) July 12, 2020

This follows news from his wife Lana (CJ Perry), who stated that her parents are battling the virus as well. Perry posted a video update on Saturday announcing that her parents were doing better, with her asthmatic mother being out of the ICU but not “out of the woods yet”. Her father is doing better after being too weak and bedridden.

We wish all involved a speedy recovery.

Lana probably also has it but can’t say anything because WWE is a terrible company afraid of bad optics

Im willing to bet Lana has it too. And if I recall, she was just on a boat with some of the roster too.

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