Samoa Joe discusses concussion recovery, agrees with WWE keeping him out

Originally published at Samoa Joe talks concussion recovery, agrees with WWE keeping him out

Samoa Joe was last in action on the February 10th, 2020 edition of Monday Night Raw. It was first reported in late February (2020) by Pro Wrestling Sheet that Joe suffered an injury during a commercial shoot. It was noted in the report that the injury occurred when Joe hit his head during a table break as a stunt was being filmed. It was then confirmed by F4WOnline that Joe suffered a concussion during the shoot which was his second in the span of several weeks.

Joe recently chatted with UPROXX to promote his ‘Grit & Glory’ interview series that premieres on the 2/24 edition of WWE The Bump. He was asked about his concussion recovery and said he’d rather miss a large amount of time opposed to coming back and things getting more serious.

I think right now, we’ve learned a lot medically about concussions and recovery and we’re taking the safest and the best approach and I appreciate it. WWE medical, they’ve been great and understanding and wonderful. So I think at this time we’re just taking the best course of action and obviously some things have been delayed just because of the pandemic and medical availability and liability of being in places and traveling to get evaluations and stuff. So, I mean, there’s been some technical holdups as well as just a very careful approach to my return and recovery and I appreciate it. And I’m all aboard, you know? I would rather take this time and miss a large considerable amount of time than potentially this getting more serious. It took (WWE) a lot to talk me down. But after seeing medically, you know, what I’ve seen, I agree with them. And we’re just taking our time with it and trying to do right.

Joe has been a member of the Raw commentary team coming up on a full year. Throughout his time in WWE, Joe has held the NXT and United States Titles twice and is a one-time winner of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament.