Samoa Joe injured again?

It’s been rumored that Joe is dealing with some sort of injury and That’s why he hasn’t been on tv since is qualifying match a few weeks ago. If That’s true, I feel like it’s another nail in Joe’s coffin as far as ever getting a shot at being the guy on smackdown.

The thing is, this would be at less the third injury that Joe as since being called up to the main roster and with his age being put into account, this might make the wwe thing twice before giving the world title to Joe.

That’s too bad because Joe is one of the best thing going one the main roster but because he will get a reputation as being injury prone, he will always be a good hand to put over other main event players and he deserve better then that.

Having a title run doesn’t mean anything…I’m sure his bank account means more to him.

He’ll more than likely have a job for life at the PC.

The only good thing I can say is that he always seems to come back and gets back in the top spot without any problems. Hopefully he heals up quickly, it sucks that he keeps getting hurt.