Santana confirms LAX's departure from Impact Wrestling

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Photo courtesy: Impact Wrestling

On Saturday, following two nights of Impact Wrestling tapings in Mexico City, Santana of LAX confirmed the team’s departure from the promotion.

He wrote: “Last night we wrestled our final match with IMPACT Wrestling. Our appreciation and gratitude for every single person there who had a hand in helping us get to this point, is absolutely endless. THANK YOU for the opportunity to show the world our passion and commitment to this business. And most of all, for the opportunity to represent our people and culture on a big stage. We are forever grateful”.

Santana & Ortiz were introduced as the new members of LAX in March 2017 alongside Diamante and manager Konnan. As a team, they quickly became one of the strongest acts in the company, winning the Impact tag titles four times and having incredible matches with Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix that raised their profile.

Their final match with Impact was taped Friday night at Fronton Mexico with LAX taking on Willie Mack & Rich Swann. The locker room emptied during the post-match and gave Santana & Ortiz a big send-off.

Do they have a no compete clause.

Could they show up at All Out or if they sign with WWE, could they appear on Raw or Smackdown. Personally, I think they should bypass NXT and form a faction with Andrade and Zelina

Jericho’s mystery parrners?

They probably don’t, I think their contracts expired and they didn’t renew them so they could do whatever they wanted and when.

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Jericho’s mystery partners seems to be the most likely.

But I wouldn’t mind seeing them in NXT, since the tag division is currently thinner than Corbin’s hairline.

LAtinX…there I solved the name issue.

Love LAX, but unless Konnan comes out with them I think the mystery partner pop will be disappointing if it’s them. They’re also much better as faces, IMO. Impact has been mostly off the radar since they’ve been stars.

That being said, it’s utterly pointless to go to NXT. Why waste several years rotting on that show? Vince doesn’t care about tag team wrestling at all so even if they get called up they will be misused.

I mean given how fast they call up tag teams in NXT they wouldn’t be there too long if they do well. But then yeah they end up in the largely dead end WWE tag scene.

  • Viking Warriors War Experience: re-named, not over

  • AOP: Barely been used this entire year, manager involved in a “hilarious” urine angle, not over

  • Heavy Machinery: stop and start pushes, havent been used consistently, not over

  • Revival: treated as jokes with back shaving angles, lose all the time, not over

It’s not a great track record. Also there’s the Ascension, Vaudevillians, etc. Street Profits will also be misused. It’s a pretty clear track record.

Yup I was more stating that they have been calling teams up rapidly to the point there are basically no teams in NXT. Then they go into the main roster tag division which is terrible in general. I think you can count we’ll booked tag teams on 2 fingers (Usos and New Day). Everyone else has been less than stellar.