Sarah Stock plans to continue wrestling, not looking to compete full-time

Originally published at Sarah Stock plans to continue wrestling, not looking to compete full-time

Sarah Stock taking select dates going forward.

After taking a coaching/agent position with WWE in late 2015, Sarah Stock stepped away from the in-ring portion of wrestling to focus on her behind-the-scenes duties. She made her return to the ring for Robles Promotions in Mexico and competed on the promotion’s 4/29, 4/30 and 5/1 shows.

She told Sam Leterna during their chat that the first night was the most nerve-racking and the second and third nights were less stressful. Stock missed the camaraderie that comes with being a pro wrestler; adding that she missed the entire atmosphere as a whole.

It felt so strange. That first night because the first night was in Mexico City and that, it was the biggest show. It felt like a really big show. The whole setup was incredible, lots of people. So, before I went out there, I was a bundle of nerves as you can imagine and just trying to control my breathing and get out there and it felt strange, until I got out there and then I heard the people react and I was like, okay, I know that I can do this, I remember what this is now but that lead up was intense because it had been seven years since I’ve been in the ring so, a very strange type of feeling before. That’s the only word I can put to it is it just felt strange until I was out there and then it all came back and it felt great to perform, to be out there and you know, the second two nights were a lot more chill. They were both in like bullrings. One was in Merida, one was in Cancun. More of a casual, relaxed atmosphere. It wasn’t that big show feeling that I had anticipated for the two nights so getting Mexico City out of the way was like a relief and then I felt like the next two nights… you know, kind of revel in everything and the camaraderie and that I missed so much. Just being in the locker rooms, being, you know, with all the people and it’s been great to have that again in my life even in the last two months here at the dojo. Just everybody’s — everybody understands what you’re going through, everybody’s on the same type of mission, the same type of — with the same type of goals so, that’s been a really cool part is just after being alone for so long, finally getting back into the whole environment, the whole atmosphere.

As far as her in-ring future goes, Sarah does have dates lined up for this month. She wants to continue wrestling, but not on a full-time basis.

Well, I can definitely say I had a great time. I was so happy with how I was received by the people and I do have some more dates coming up in May that I’ve committed to and I’m just taking this all very step by step. I’d love to have a singles match. That’s definitely — what I don’t wanna do is go back to grinding and you know, I did that for a long time where I’m just working every week, several times a week and destroying my body. I think anything I do now will be more select dates. Won’t be a weekly thing even. I’m not looking to jump back in full-time. Definitely keep training in the meantime, keep making improvements in terms of my physique and keep learning new techniques; all of that will stay consistent but, just keep this at a place where it’s very enjoyable for me, specific dates only and keeping my life outside of it.

On the lead up to her in-ring return, Stock explained her reasons for wanting to get back in the ring. She shared another detail concerning that decision and brought up that former WWE talent Mark Jindrak played a role in her decision to return.

She went to visit Mark and his family and after having a conversation with him, she was convinced that she had more to offer to wrestling because she was questioning if she should move on from the business as a whole or not.

Yeah, you know, I think since I was released from WWE, there was back and forth in my mind about whether I wanted to even stay in the business, look for something in it or turn the page completely and start a new chapter in my life so I took a good year-and-a-half of traveling around and relaxing my mind. I didn’t watch any wrestling, didn’t think about wrestling and you know, it just kept calling to me and when I stopped by Tennessee, to visit my friend Mark Jindrak and his wife and their son and I spent a few days with them and he had just made his return to the ring a couple weeks before I got there so, we had a good conversation about it and he’s been a good friend for several years and he kind of convinced me that I still have a lot to give and maybe I should give it another shot. So he had a great experience with the promoter that I ended up working for. It’s Robles Promotions and you know, it really got me thinking and this opportunity came up and Robles was interested in bringing me back to Mexico for a few dates and once I decided, I was all in. Then there was no more back and forth. Like okay, I gotta do this. I’m gonna do it the right way. I’m gonna go to a dojo, live in the gym, train here for a couple of months and make sure my mind’s right, my body’s right and just yeah, kind of go all in with it.

Stock finished up her time with WWE in late 2020. Before her recent return, her last match had been for STARDOM and she wrestled current NXT talent Io Shirai in that match.

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