Sasha Banks - exposed ?

I will prefix this by saying that I am a huge Sasha Banks fan - she was my favourite women’s wrestler in the WWE and I hated when she left etc.

However - the last few matches have really had me question if I have been wrong - is she really as good as I thought or has she been exposed as being protected in the WWE?

Her matches with Kairi and the three way she was clearly a step behind them and couldn’t keep up.

Yesterday on the first match she was out worked by a relatively unknown MLW talent.

The Willow match was a botch fest and she jumped off and is already injured.

She just seems out of her league here - she’s not as good as the Stardom girls and without the WWE procurers etc her match with Willow was a train wreck.

I don’t know - she went from me being sad she left to pumped she was out there and going to show everyone how good she was to what we have now

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I love how you just refuse to call her Mercedes. Kinda says volume about her character at the moment.


My opinion has been that this gimmick is a bad impression of The Boss. She learned nothing from Cardona or Cody or Mox. Her work is behind paywalls behind paywalls so is anyone really seeing her? Now hurt before the biggest Summer of NJPW and AEW partnering. So if it was a slow build to Forbidden Door for her AEW debut that’s now out.
And being great in the WWEs women’s division wasn’t so hard when she had Liv, Carmella and Bliss as peers. Agree with you on comparing her to Stardom talent. Actually as soon as NXT got an influx of talent post horsewomen their women’s division was superior to what Sasha was spearheading on the Main. Great question, Alex. Onto something


I have never been a huge fan of hers and thought she was overrated. That being said, I think this speaks volumes about the Women’s Division in WWE if she was considered one of the best on that roster. I think most of the women in the division, if they went to Stardom, would look second rate.

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A little of column A and a little of column B. Yes, I think she’s overrated but still very good. I don’t know whether whomever rated her above the top stardom wrestlers really had enough of a grasp on the workrate in Stardom. I also have to call out ring rust. How often is Sasha wrestling nowadays vs. when she was in the WWE? That can contribute to some decline.

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I think it could possibly be difference in styles between wwe and japanese wrestling. She’s still a great wrestler. I think its still too early to say and its unfortunate with the injury. Maybe she just needs more time to get used to how they do it in japan. Agree that the gimmick is kind of tired though.

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