Selling post PPV's

I don’t know if it’s just me but why doesn’t anyone “sell” the next night after a PPV?

During the Royal Rumble Seth Rollins got taken out through the commentator table and is out for at least 15 minutes of the Royal Rumble, after that He’s back in the ring NO SELLING his injuries and wins the whole thing!


He comes out on raw and isn’t selling any injuries, you were just laid out HARD for a good chunk of the rumble and yet you weren’t limping? holding your back or talking about the beating you just took? and have the never to say you went through 29 other guys when clearly you did not… Granted it’s wrestling and I’m kinda knit picking on this subject but come on… That was a little much… And in his match with Dean his back to 100% again…

At least Finn Balor walked slow and sold some of his injuries but arm seems to be 100% again, so much for tapping out. At least the most over wrestler in the company… Becky! limped when she came to challenge Rhonda…(Wonder why she’s so over? Humm…)
And did Rhonda really have to have an open challenge the night after the Royal Rumble?
If I was a women on the roster I would have just skipped the Rumble if Rhonda won her match and waited till Raw the next day, it kinda defeated the purpose of the woman’s RR.

IF ANYONE SAYS THAT BROCK DOESN’T DESERVE THE PAY HE GETS should be publicly flogged, He makes EVERYONE looks like a million bucks after a match with him and it’s mainly from SELLING!!

Even Double J wasn’t selling after taking a guitar shot from the drifter (He’s still the drifter right?)

It’s such a little thing but it goes such a far way, WWE should put up a big sign in gorilla before the wrestlers come out that says (In big font) SELL SELL SELL.


Selling is Rollins biggest problem. He’s a great wrestlers but always want to get his spots in instead of selling his injuries.

I agree that this should happen more, but then pretty much everybody would have to be selling a knee all the time. And then how would we get into a commercial break without suicide dives?