Seven Levels of Hate

I was reminded of this after seeing Adam Pearce appear on WWE tv recently. This documentary fell a little under the radar I feel but it’s an interesting look at the NWA at the title and the series of matches between Pearce & Cabana.

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I have this DVD as well. I’ve seen the documentary but not the matches. A very different NWA compared to what Corgan & Lagana are doing with it now.

I always felt bad for Colt and Pearce after all the work they did trying to bring prestige back to the belt, only to see it dumped down the drain for the next Champion being a goofy fake Sheik in California.

Cabana specifically, really tried to tour the belt around and get people into it all.

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That reminds me. That Sheik character is now Josef Samael of MLW. I have no idea what he’s been up to between then and now, outside I guess doing west coast indies alongside Jacob Fatu (who debuted alongside Samael in MLW last year), so hopefully he had restored his reputation from his NWA days.

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I’ve got the DVD of this in a box somewhere, but watched this on the youtube link. I immediately remembered my first thought - “you can’t charge people money for this then serve up that audio.”

I also remember thinking at the time that, while this was obviously a huge disappointment to Colt and Pearce… it kind of serves you right if you’re investing so much into a storyline that relies on the stability of the NWA in 2012!

I really wanted to go to match 7 at the time, but I wasn’t that familiar with Melbourne back then (live here now) and I had no idea how to get to the very, very outer suburbs for the show.