Should nxt be considered at the same level as raw and smackdown

I watch last night’s raw and something finally it me, it seem like they thing that using nxt wrestlers on raw will fix everything. But it doesn’t especially when you’re using your top guys and fans don’t react to them.

I feel it time for wwe to put NXT on the same level as raw and smackdown with the same type of contracts that the main rosters guys have. Use your top guys to get fans interested in the show, during the superstars shakeup have guys from raw and smackdown being able to be traded to nxt and the only way to get from nxt to raw and smackdown. Not use the nxt talent as quick fix for raw or smackdown. It doesn’t help anybody and it don’t help the call up because they don’t get a reaction and it don’t help and it doesn’t help the show because you pretty much tell your fans that the current rosters isn’t as good as the nxt guys.

If you did that, you would just be turning NXT into 205 live or WWE’s ECW from 2009.

NXT is NXT not because of the performers but because it totally feels different than Raw and Smackdown.

  • It’s filmed in front of smaller, passionate audiences.
  • Multiple weeks are filmed at once so the booking has to be thought out ahead of time so story lines don’t disappear from one show to the next.
  • It only has around 6 big shows a year they build to instead of 13+
  • It’s only a one hour show so the fans at home aren’t burned out and the performers aren’t over exposed.

Now NXT can sell out MSG or the Staples Center because it has veteran big name talent which should be on the main roster to raise the bar of the level of matches. But even without them NXT would survive and thrive and remain a more fun show to watch week-to-week than 3 hour Raws.

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No. While there are incredibly talented people on that roster, it is still a developing ground for many, and it should remain that way. In NXT, characters can come in, fail, and then try again as something else, fail, etc. until something clicks. You can’t do that on Raw or Smackdown. It would be a disservice to many of the less experienced performers on that roster who get to be brought up more slowly through NXT and work out the kinks.

No, it’s developmental.

If you want NXT people to get better reactions, maybe… I don’t know… actually have plans for their debuts. Crazy idea, isn’t it?

NXT’s objective is not to make money. It’s to get people ready for the big stage. Sometimes, people forget that, as much as I love NXT more than the main roster.

i was talking more about just them be look at as a third brand, you still keep it as is with the booking and everything, maybe give it a little bit more exposure so that fans aren’t as clueless about who does guys are if they show up on another brand because that’s the biggest problem you have right now.

Not everybody watch NXT and the crowd on Raw last night pretty much prove my point, Just take Gargano and ciampa as a example, really great debut on Raw, had a really strong match…That nobody cared about because they don’t know who these guys are. Same thing goes for ricochet and all the others call up. You really need to make a bigger deal of about the brand as a whole.

I’m not saying, you have to put it leave full sail even through i feel that it wouldn’t hurt them to change the venue once and a while so that you don’t get the same predictable reaction evey week. But just put the brand on the same level of importance as Raw and Smackdown. Make it so it doesn’t feel force when a NXT guys get on raw or smackdown and that way, you wouldn’T have to get rid of your major stars on the NXT brand and you could give a chance to some of the lower card guys to go back on the NXT brand without really having to make it feel like a demotion.

Don’t think they should chang nxt one bit.

Part of the appeal to NXT is that not everyone knows it and it caters to the hardcore fans. I honestly think WWE is going to use NXT as direct competitor to AEW instead of changing up Raw or Smackdown.

The biggest mistake from last night is where they debuted them. If they were in a bigger wrestling area like NY, Philly, or Toronto, the reaction probably would have been different.


The mistake with the call-ups is not the NXT model. The problem is with the way they are called up.

The NXT model should not change because people can develop on a smaller stage with fewer people watching them. They can learn and grow, work with some of the more experienced members of that roster, and then move up when the time is right. If NXT became more mainstream, some newer wrestlers would get buried immediately because they either suck, or start as jobbers. On NXT there is way more forgiveness and leeway.


In short: NXT should be seen as equal because it receives universal praise from those who watch, has more highly rated matches, and their stories are better.

There are so many reasons that’s the case and it’s ovjective and format are entirely different than Raw but that doesn’t make it less than.

In fact, I’m hoping they start moving talent across brands including NXT and we can see some u used talent make their way back to NXT as others make their way to Raw or SD. I think it’s a way to revitalize guys not getting over (Ty Dillinger), being used correctly (Nakamura), or straight up make the more passionate fans care about a guy they currently don’t anymore (Bo Dallas). Then when it’s time to bring them back to the main roster they hopefully have a good story or bit of momentum behind them. At least a re-debut will feel fresh and a character change more accepted than just flipping a guy for no reason on Raw one night


I actually agree with pretty much all of that. I do think that guys should be sent to NXT for a refresh and a break from TV (as long as that doesn’t change the money they are making). However, I still think NXT should not be considered on the level of Raw or Smackdown. I like that less experienced talent can work through things there without being exposed, can change up gimmicks, and can learn how to work without being on national TV or in large arenas. But, with the more popular stars on the roster, people will still come out to the shows, and the new wrestlers will actually have a crowd that was drawn to work in front of.

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The funny thing after rewatching the opening segment on raw was that the way HHH talked about NXT, it kinda feel like they already think it’s a the same level as Raw and smackdown.

Personally, i always felt that NXT shouldn’t be this big brand that easily accessible to watch and have their own Special, Mostly because of the different mentality of the peoples in charge of the brand. NXT should be a developmental territory first, by that i mean that it should be there to train guys so that they are ready for the main roster style when they get call up.

Also being a feature player on NXT make it difficult to get over on the main roster because, A) fans that watch NXT will ultimately compare the main roster version to the NXT version of the wrestler being called up and b) Vince will think just like the fans that since NXT is popular that means that everybody watch it, Which again help the talent because the they will get major push right off the bat and when Vince realize they they aren’t as over as he thought they were, he will just give up and move on to somebody else.

In the past, before NXT, you didn’t see what was going on in the developmental system, so when they would call up somebody, it felt special because you saw a new guy that you haven’t seen before and you could easily get behind them, That why, guys like Cena,orton,lesnar,batista or more recently,Reigns,rollins,ambrose,owens, styles became stars, because you either never saw them on WWE tv or barely saw them.

That’s why, i feel they should rethink some stuff about NXT especially with the bigger name. Most of the bigger name don’T need to be in NXT for a year or two, they just need to get a little bit of training to get into the WWE style and then you can call them up, the less amount of exposure they have the better the odds of getting over on the main roster and get a decent push. But in this current version of the brand, most call up will fail because they already are over expose in NXT and you will have the obvious urge to compare the 2 versions of the wrestlers.

Have you listened to Matt Riddle’s interview ? Cause that’s what he said.

Take Bo Dallas:
Gotta be getting just a downside at this point. Prob sells more shirts at Full Sail or a Takeover with a refreshed push in NXT than at a main roster show. Helps build him up. He’s probably going to make more.