Slamboree 1996

WOW! This was a terrible PPV! It took me 4 sittings to get through it, just because it was so boring and slow! I would ask John and Wai to review this show but I dont want them to go through this show…its really bad! During the PPV, they had a tournament called the “Lethal Lottery” and here are the rules…try to stay with me here because Im still confused myself. A random team of guys face another random team of guys in a tournament. After that, the first round winners would face each other after a random drawing to see who would face each other, now hold on, it gets better…after the second round, the guys that are left would then face each other, every man for himself, in an OVER THE TOP BATTLE ROYAL!! I put that all in caps because thats what we were told throughout the show would happen, but when it came down to the last five guys in the ring, they decided to completely change the rules and DDP ended up winning the Battle Royal by PINNING the last 4 guys! So confusing! I have no idea what happened here! The only match worth watching here is the match between Konnan and Jushin Thunder Liger! They had so many matches on this show that they had to rush everything else and end matches with just random Double DQ’s and No Contests. It was terrible! And by the way, whose bright idea was it to “randomly” put Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan as a tag team? Very weird! I would tell everyone to avoid this PPV unless theyre looking for something to help them fall asleep and maybe anyone who watches it can tell me if they were as confused by the end of the show as I was. What a horrible, horrible show!

Yeah it was garbage. That was the problem with wcw. They never knew what they were doing as far as details go. Ultimately I think that was their downfall. The worst thing fans can leave with is confusion. Once people don’t understand what you are doing then there is no reason to come back. Fans should be happy or angry after a show, but not confused.

The original concept was just the Lethal Lottery, done many times before and after that show. We’re going to randomly draw tag teams, oh that’s weird 2 guys who are feuding are now a team but it won’t happen in every match right?
If they did that legit I would be interested in a show like that, you truly randomly draw teams and see what matches you get. I think it would work better on the indies where a lot of the time you’re selling match quality and you’ll probably get some good matches out of it.

Battle Bowl was the reason I became a DDP fan. Diamond cutter was made to look like the end.

This took place literally days before the “hostile takeover” storyline began with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. You could definitely tell WCW was directionless and boring. They really needed a spark. WWF actually had some momentum going in the ratings battle post Wrestlemania 12. It makes you wonder what would happen if Scott Hall and Kevin Nash never jumped ship.