Smackdown March 13

Finally. A smackdown where KO and Zayn get to show their abilities. What a great segment. I actually thought that Shane pulled off a decent promo for a change and sold like a pro! I will sleep well tonight and try not to be confused about the mixed messages that the KO Zayn relationship has been giving off in the past few weeks… I guess we will have to wait until Daniel responds next week to see the next steps in this feud-ship (friendship?). At least it just got interesting again.

Fast forwarded until the Shane segment. Do you think Elias will be Braun’s partner at WM?

Cena and Shane vs KO and Zayn?

Or have they teased us too much with the possibility of Cena vs Undertaker not to deliver it?

Cena has Taker…you don’t throw out challenges and not deliver them…this isn’t a UFC post fight interview here.

Are we actually thinking Shane McMahon wouldn’t beat these two by himself and walk off into the sunset?

I thought Shane oversold the raspy moans after being powerbombed into that metal stuff. I liked the segment overall though. I don’t see KO vs Sami at Mania, unless Sami backstabs Owens somehow. More likely to get Shane and a mystery partner vs KO and Sami. Maybe Rey, if he’s healthy or Jericho even.

Rumors are swirling Jericho will be back. Since Jericho doesn’t like Owens kayfabe, and Jericho is a Smackdown superstar, it’d be logical that Shane seeks Jericho’s help.

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Loved Wai’s call-back to the grape lady to emphasize the sell-job.

Having Jericho back would be a superb story-line boost here. It would make sense too, which makes me think that wwe might not do it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: KO and Sami could easily smooth out the plot holes that they have dealt if this were the case by claiming this was their plan all along, how they enjoyed playing Shane like a rube all this time. As we see over the years, wwe fans are mostly very forgiving and forget quickly!

Jericho just proved what a draw he is and stated he would only do something if it’s creatively stimulating. …this isn’t.

And I heard he has a Fizzy gig and is hosting a Mania party that night.