SmackDown Notes: Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan

Originally published at SmackDown Notes: Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan

The main event of Friday Night SmackDown saw Roman Reigns defend the Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan.

The match lasted more than twenty-seven minutes of television time ending with Reigns using the guillotine to put Bryan out and retain the championship. The match saw Bryan constantly attack the right of Reigns, who could not effectively use the guillotine due to the injury, so switched arms using the left one to put Bryan to sleep.

The match stipulation was that Bryan would be banished from SmackDown if he lost.

Reigns attempted a conchairto after the match leading to Cesaro running out and attacking Reigns. Jey Uso stopped the attack, tying Cesaro in the ropes as Reigns finished the conchairto on Bryan to end the show.

No one in wrestling is currently on Reigns’ level. This title reign doesn’t need to end anytime soon. It could, and maybe should, go on for a long, long time. I like that they’re pushing Cesaro but hopefully there aren’t any storylines based on swinging someone round and round as that’s just a midcard comedy storyline (even if it’s not supposed to be).