SmackDown's viewership drops despite Goldberg's appearance

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Bill Goldberg’s first appearance on WWE programming in over a year did not see an increase for SmackDown’s viewership.

Tuesday’s program averaged 2,016,000 viewers on the USA Network, which represents a 2.7% drop from last week’s number. SmackDown also had the advantage of avoiding the NBA and NHL playoffs this week.

While the number still beat out four of the past fives weeks, it was still the sixth lowest number of 2019 for SmackDown.

They promoted Goldberg’s appearance throughout the show as his first appearance ever on SmackDown. The closing segment saw Goldberg cut a brief promo and was confronted by The Undertaker for a faceoff inside the ring ahead of their match at the Super Showdown this Friday.

SmackDown has become the second Raw of the week and the first Raw of the week hasn’t been great for a long, long time.