So, I saw Venom...

So, I saw Venom. The first half-hour, was, to say the least, not very good. However, when the symbiote showed up, the movie took a better turn, and by the end, and the first post credits sequence, I liked it. I just want to know from any other members of the community their thoughts about this movie, and if either John or Wai should see this or not.

I saw it last Thursday, and it was okay. I’m not a Venom fan, and have not read any of the comics. But I know of the character its popularity. I wanted to see if the movie could match the hype.

Thought Tom Hardy was good. He had a likeable character with some flaws. When Venom shows up, it reminded me of last year’s “Upgrade”. Which I’m sure reminded people of Venom.

There was a good bit of humour in the movie, with one scene of being afraid of heights stealing the movie.

The CGI was good, but the fight at the end just tired me out. Too much CGI.

All that said, I would watch it again. Just to give myself a second opinion.

But for now, I give it 3 out of 5 Spidey webs.

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All the Venom parts were good. I liked the relationship between the two. Venoms voice was fitting. The way they used his powers for things like hanging on the ceiling and especially in the chase scene was very Venom.


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Is he depicted as a hero or a criminal ?

I didn’t enjoy the movie until Venom was introduced. They had their hands tied without having Spiderman involved in origin story but understand why. I enjoyed the 2nd half of movie. I think the sequel will be better. Curious to see a director’s cut if it becomes available.

I saw the film last night and I second everything that you said.
I found the first 30/45 minutes very slow and I really enjoyed the character of Venom and I’m intrigued in what will happen in the sequel.

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I disliked it so much signed Brandon frm nj