So, is this bad news for TKO??

More cost cutting ahead?

In line with the stories about top talent not getting renewal offers for expiring deals in the next few months (Seth, Drew, Sheamus, etc).

I’m not even going to pretend to know what the hell that means lol


It doesn’t concern TKO. It’s about the lower assets possessed by Endeavor. It also seems like Endeavor is looking to go private but it shouldn’t affect TKO.

I think it’s naive to think that measures taken by the parent company won’t affect TKO.

For what it’s worth, SRS says a lot of the recently reported “expiring deals” are bogus.

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To me it’s a big flashing sign that says we are not spending money. Hopefully Impact picks up Punk from the airport

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You should read Twitter. I’m reliably informed that Punk is in the devil mask on Dynamite.

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Makes sense. I can’t see them not renewing their top talents when they are making TV deals that are in the excess of a billion dollars. Its one thing to cut talent who arent even on TV (ie. the Dolph Zigglers), but I’d be shocked if they let guys like Rollins walk. Not to say they will be WCW like with contracts, but those reports looked fake.