#speakingout Surprised at the surprised

I started writing this in another category but thought it was worth creating a new one as I feel it’s a new discussion.

As angry and disappointed as I have been by the allegations against wrestlers who I like, I do not understand why this is a surprise to those in the community, the scale is off the chart, but when the industry leader continually celebrates alleged abusers, without proper investigation, then those who look up to these people will feel their behaviour is appropriate. It goes from the top down.

Top of the company, Vince McMahon at the tanning saloon, the biggest star on the show, Randy Orton, defecates in female performers bags, biggest star of all time, stone cold Steve Austin, several domestic abuse allegations, 2 time hall of Famer, ric flair, continually boasts about sexual manipulation on the road, at the commentary booth, Jerry Lawler, alleged peadophile, biggest star created by wrestling, The rock, speaks about choking a woman in his book.

Needless to say, most of these are unproven allegations but so are the current cases that have just been revealed. Wrestling in society is so far behind the times in so many things, culture, comedy, race etc. I just hope that BLM and the recent allegations helps it catch up.


I’m surprised why anyone is surprised because this is rife in probably every community. And I would hazard a guess that a large percentage of boys and men are regularly engaging in some form of harassment based on the number of girls and women that talk about unsolicited dick pics they receive on Snapchat, Tinder, etc, cyberstalking and obsessive controlling behaviour via Facebook and text/WhatsApp messages, etc. and extreme acts boys and men are trying without consent in what (mostly) started out as consensual sexual acts.

If anything, sexual harassment and assault of women is probably the worst it has ever been due to access to technology that has made it easy for them to do so and the easy access to hardcore porn that has normalised what is not normal sex.

And the likelihood is some of your family, friends and coworkers have engaged in this in the not too recent past or are actively engaged in this.

So I hate to break it to anyone, but this is rife and getting worse. It just so happens it doesn’t get the platform as individuals don’t have the same platform as those people in industries with large followings like entertainment or sport.

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It’s hard to say if wrestling is behind the times or not as I don’t think any of the current allegations are of recent incidents but also it actually seems to be in keeping with society in my opinion. Society isn’t as ahead as you’d like to think especially in the entertainment business where women entering it are seen as easy targets.

All of these stupid behaviours ruin things for the actual good men out there. I am not taking anything away from the victims but just that it is making things worse for men trying to date women. Women will just become more and more guarded around men. Good thing I am already married.

What is the Drew McIntyre claim? I havent heard that one.

Iirc, he was actually the victim. Many years ago, Taryn Terrell his then wife allegedly physically assaulted him. OP might be misremembering that. From what I’ve heard, he’s genuinely a good guy.


My apologies. Totally misremembered, I’ve edited that part of the original post.

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