Spoiler: Major WWE Superstar has turned heel

According to PWInsider, Becky is now listed as heel.


I’m not even sure what to say with this one. I guess the “cheap shot” to win the title was the turn and that is going to be the focus of the storyline moving forward.

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Mind-boggling, stupid, and reactionary.

No plans until THIS WEEK (originally scheduled for an October return) to bring back their most popular Babyface since Daniel Bryan(?), and turn her heel?!

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Wait what? This is like as if AEW had CM Punk come out and turn heel in Chicago on Friday and insult
The crowd. Are they insane?


I was hearing the reasoning was because fans were starting to turn on her during the PC run of shows bedore she left.
Well I hate to break it to Vince, but you’re back in front of live crowds now pal. If you thought that pop was just a one off just for the pursuit of your mystical idea of HEAT, well I think your grip on the ‘brass ring’ is gone.

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I understand the idea of turning someone while they are over because it will mean more (opposed to turning them when they aren’t over anymore leading to apathy), but you don’t turn someone when they are red hot which Becky would have been right now. Maybe Vince changes his mind, who knows.

I wonder if they were worried that fans would book Becky since she is married to Seth and he’s in full fledged heel mode???

Didn’t Becky “turn heel” and then immediately catch fire as a babyface a couple years back? Maybe they are just trying to recreate that magic and get the “badass babyface” back that we enjoyed in 2019-2020 (or more recently the sort of guys who have gotten over big time in AEW like Moxley and Britt Baker).

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Ya thats true, she did when she turned on Charlotte at SS 2018 (I think it was 2018). Its always possible, but, but at this point with Vince I dont know what to believe.