Starrcast Panel Notes: "Inside the Rhodes" with Cody, Brandi & Dustin

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Andrew Thompson is covering the Starrcast convention and sat in on the panel titled ‘Inside the Rhodes’ with Cody, Brandi & Dustin Rhodes on Friday afternoon, which was hosted by Kenny McIntosh.

Below are some highlights from the panel:

  • Cody spoke about his recent promo on Dynamite. Tony Khan, Brandi, and Dustin all congratulated him after the promo. The roster normally doesn’t do that on a grand scale, but everybody came out for him
  • Talked about MJF being starstruck by Chris Jericho at AEW presser in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Cody jokingly says he likes Conrad (Thompson) but he’s shady
  • Brandi talked about her friendship with Kia Stevens and meeting her in AEW
  • Kenny McIntosh asked Brandi about the Stephanie McMahon character and Brandi likes the character.
  • Cody says Brandi is a babyface in the streets and a heel in the sheets
  • Dustin praised AEW Dark
  • Cody says AEW cannot become a reactionary show
  • Cody says NXT was on the screen at the gorilla position and he made sure to turn it off because NXT has nothing to do with what they were doing
  • Cody admits that he has made crazy remarks during Starrcast panels before and wants to get through this one with no backlash
  • Brandi tells the story of Sammy’s WWE tryout. She said she met Sammy and shook his hand. All Sammy did was wink at her and Brandi was pissed about it. Brandi feels that Sammy knows she was married to Cody and winked anyway
  • Dustin Rhodes praised Nyla Rose and wants the critics to be quiet
  • Cody talks about an independent show he did with Sammy Guevara in Corpus Christi, Texas. Cody was alerted that this was a family show and Sammy gave Cody two middle fingers and the whole match was f-words, finger guns, etc.
  • Cody brought Riho on stage
  • Cody talked about AEW helping independent promotions with talent after they were pulled for NXT UK reasons
  • QT Marshall says he is getting a hair transplant next week
  • Cody reveals that Zack Ryder has hair plugs
  • Dustin and Cody talk about how Dustin got the “chicken” nickname
  • Cody played Alexa Bliss’ theme song on his phone and says her theme is good
  • Cody wants Tessa (Blanchard) in AEW
  • Cody talked about Randy Orton’s photo. He said if WWE bought that, good for Randy
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