Steroid Allegations Continue to Circle Above Roman Reigns

Claims of performance-enhancing drug use continue to pursue Roman Reigns.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Jon Bravo started a series videos featuring the conversation between he and jailed international steroid ringleader, Richard Rodriguez. Rodriguez claimed on multiple occasions that Roman Reigns was a client of his and despite Roman making a public denial, Rodriguez doubled down on his story.

And now, Rodriguez is back at it. In a new video, Rodrgiezue reasons that Reigns has no choice but to deny his allegations. Rodriguez would continue to bolster his argument by underlining the motivations of Roman Reigns to use performance-enhancing drugs.

Wrestling fans will remember that Reigns was suspended for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy in 2016. That infraction, though, is believed to be from Adderall, not steroids. Reigns has maintained a clean wrap sheet since, but the accusations from Rodriguez will not be doing the WWE Superstar any favors.


– Anonymous Source

“Well ofcourse he’d deny not even knowing who I am…I’m only accusing him of a crime.”

And that’s why I had a 3 way with Mandy Rose and Eva Marie…if they deny it…yall know it’s true.