Steroids in Wrestling

Do you think they are a problem as always or did things really change in the last 10 years? I recently watched an old Kamille Brickhouse clip on YouTube in which she has a natural high voice as you would expect it from a woman. If you listen to her today you get to hear the Chyna voice.

That being said, do you think AEW needs a wellness programme? What about promotions like NWA, ROH and MLW? I would be glad to discuss the topic with you guys here.

I’m sure its still a problem, especially on the way up. Once these performers land in WWE, I think they scale back, but on the indies I’d be shocked if they weren’t being used.

With that said, I don’t think its done openly anymore and I don’t think EVERYONE does it like in the 80’s and to a lesser degree the 90’s, especially given the acceptance of guys with different body types now a days.

I do think AEW should have some type of program, its only a matter of time until something happens on their watch and when it does I’m sure they will implement something. Though, I do think the culture is AEW is one where you aren’t feeling pressure to be jacked in the way performers may feel in the WWE.

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I could see steroid use in AEW more similar to how it is often used in pro sports to help with recovery, injury rehabilitation, etc


Ya I could see that, I’m sure there are a handful that are using them in the traditional way, but they don’t have the overall look of a roster that is doing it to look like a body builder. I still think they will eventually have to start testing, which to be fair they could be doing right now and we just don’t know.

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I mean on the flip side their schedule is also much lighter than the WWE schedule of the past so that helps as well. But they certainly should test guys