Steve Austin v Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania

Austin has disapeared from his podcast for months,could he be in training for one last match with his fellow cowboy?

Even if they announced this right now, it would be 11 days (7 for the “TV only” crowd) to advertise potentially the biggest return of all time. Not exactly Marketing 101.

Remember the Hardy’s return ? Biggest pop of the night.

To answer the question posed; no.

Yup. And a Steve Austin surprise appearance would also be the biggest pop of the night. But the impact of an actual Stone Cold in-ring return (if it were to happen) needs to be measured in dollars, not crowd reaction.

It’s the old “Royal Rumble surprise” conundrum. Who is big enough to be a good surprise but not so big that we’re hurting ourselves by not advertising him?

Anyway, he would never come back like that and that would not be a good idea or match.

I can see a replay of the WM32 scenario happening where Corbin talks shit about Angle as a legend and hall of famer. So after the match Austin (and maybe Bret & Shawn) come out, gives Corbin a stunner and they celebrate in the ring.

But there’s no way Austin actually returns as Angles opponent.