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Just a reminder of wrestlers that we haven’t seen in a while or that have very minimal screen time:

Big Show
Bo Dallas
Bray Wyatt
Curtis Axel
Heath Slater
Jason Jordan
Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn
Titus O’Neil
Tyler Breeze
Alexander Wolfe
Epico Colon
Eric Young
Killian Dain
Primo Colon
Sin Cara
Tye Dillinger

Most of them will surely be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. I don’t know the status on Bray.

All of these guys are injured, I think one of the Colons is injured. Titus was just in the rumble. I’m pretty sure Jordan is retired

Bray is not injured. He appeared on some house shows (unless he re-injured). I was shocked they did not use the baseball stadium to re-debut him. His entrance would have been very hot.

The line on Bray Wyatt that I’ve seen numerous times is that they’re “waiting for the right creative” to get him back in the mix. Not sure how standard that line is once an injured guy is cleared, or if it’s actually true.

I’m thinking we may get Wyatt/Bryan at Mania.

My buddy who came to watch the Rumble asked - where’s the dude with the lantern who loses every time I watch a ppv with you guys?
(My friend watches 5 ppvs a year with us)

fire everybody…losing a job fixes everything.

Just a few names we haven’t seen in a while for different reasons:

Jinder Mahal
Liv Morgan
Ruby Riott
Alicia Fox
Eric Young
Epico and Primo
Bobby Lashley
Drew McIntyre
The Ascension
No Way Jose
Nia Jax
Lars Sullivan
Sin Cara
Kairi Sane
Mickie James
Sarah Logan (is on main event)

Some of them I do miss.

Drew McIntyre was in the King of the Ring. Given he lost in the first round, it makes sense for him not to be involved until the conclusion of the tournament.

The USO’s don’t deserve TV time until they clean up their idiotic decisions outside the ring.

I guess it depends on what we define as “a while”

Drew was on Raw August 26th
Asuka and Kairi August 12th as was No way jose

Main event has had
Lucha House party
No Way Jose
In the last month

So it just depends by what you mean by “haven’t seen” and in a while

You’re right. It’s a very loose term.

You are missing Matt and Jeff Hardy

Indeed. We briefly saw Matt at Raw recently but yeah.

A few of these people are out with injuries, including McIntyre (for a just a little bit of time) and Lashley.

Maybe we’ll see more of them after the draft.

I think for a lot of them, we know why they are not there.

Austin Theory (suspended apparently)
Jinder Mahal
Rezar (injured)
Robert Roode
Becky Lynch
Charlotte Flair
Bo Dallas
Elias (injured)
Jaxson Ryker
Jimmy Uso (injured)
Lars Sullivan
Mojo Rawley
Roman Reigns (isolating)
Sami Zayn (isolating)
Steve Cutler
Wesley Blake
Xavier Woods (still recovering)
Ember Moon (still recovering)
Brendan Vink
Dominik Dijakovic
Pete Dunne (still in England)
Rinku and Saurav (They disappeared with their manager)
Zack Gibson
James Drake
Chelsea Green (99% part of retribution)
Vanessa Borne (99% part of retribution)
Xia Li (she has been seen behind the plexi glass)
Malcolm Bivens (he disappeared with his tag team ?)
Ariya Daivari
The Brian Kendrick
Samir Singh
Sunil Singh

A lot of these should be released because they’re never going to be used in a way that matters and they’re not going to be much of an asset to other promotions but good for the wrestlers I guess.

People we have not seen in a while in one of the main 3 shows.

Dabba Kato
Aleister Black
Vanessa Borne
Erik and Ivar
Humberto Carillo
Jinder Mahal
Riddick Moss
Titus ONeil
Bo Dallas
Jimmy Uso
Wesley Blake
Chelsea Green
Arturo Ruas
Bobby Fish
Brendan Vink
Denzel Dejournette
Kona Reeves
Ridge Holland
Velveteen Dream
Tino Sabatelli (who has resigned)
Marina Shafir
Jess. Duke
Tegan Nox

Nikki Cross was on TV just a few weeks ago against Alexa.

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