Superbowl Predictions

  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • San Francisco 49ers

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The Superbowl is this Sunday. Who do you think is going to win? Are you excited? Any commercials you’re looking forward to?


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I picked Chiefs/Packers at the beginning of the playoffs, so I’ll stick with Kansas City out of principle. But between living on the East Coast and working most Sundays (and spending time with my family if I am off), I hadn’t seen a lot of the Niners before the postseason started. I think they’re a better team than KC overall, but Mahomes could prove to be a generational talent at quarterback.


Niners have been my favorite team since '89 so I’m excited for this one but I’m going to pick the Chiefs. As good of a team San Fran is, they can run the ball the whole game eat up the clock, build a lead and the Chiefs can wipe it all away in 90 seconds. If the Niners win, I’m going to predict it’s via key turnovers, with Richard Sherman being a big part of that.

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I’m rooting for the Chiefs but expect the 49ers to win.

I’m a big fan of Mahomes (former Red Raider!) and think the offense’s for both teams should make this a really fun SuperBowl match-up.

But the 49ers defense is better than the Chiefs and we have seen so many times that Defense wins the superbowl, especially against a gun-slinging quarterback making his first SB appearance. Just look at the Rams and Falcons losses in the past. I hope i’m wrong though and Mahomes and the Chiefs have an unbelievable game.

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Cero Miedo 49ers

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I am going with the Chiefs because I haven’t full appreciated the 49ers defence and I won’t start to do so now. I thought they were overrated on day one and will die on that sword Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong though, they have an elite thing going on defence, I just refused to believe it haha

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I’m rooting for Malhomes and Andy Reid but I’m picking the 49ers. I’ve watched a fair amount of their games and they are good enough to win this game. I wouldn’t classify them as a all time defense. I’ve seen great defense beat good offense in Super Bowls countless times. Chiefs will need a team effort. KC Defense needs to make some plays to keep It close and a running game from chiefs could be the X factor.


I am a 49ers fan since 1997, and my brother has been a Chiefs fan from around that same time so this game is special within my family. My brother and I have both endured some really dark years as fans of these franchises, so I’m really happy to see both teams duking it out for a Lombardi Trophy.

Due to my 49ers fan bias, I am going to predict the 49ers to win 34-30. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if Patrick Mahomes pulls it off and beats us. I think the Chiefs championship window has a longer a shelf life, so it would be sad to see the 49ers fall in this one as I feel they only have this year or next year to do it. Though, making it to the Super Bowl and losing one year after going 4-12 is about as great of a transformation any fan can ask for.

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I’ll go with KC 32-20.

San Francisco has a stout defense, but I’m wary about their ability to make up a deficit late in the game when Jimmy G would be forced to pass.

Not only is Mahomes a generational talent with GOAT potential, but Andy Reid is a criminally underrated coach. KC has Olympic-caliber speed at the reciever position, and a defense that does just enough to compliment that potent offense.

I think the 49ers only hope is if KC gets off to another slow start & SF goes up by 2 or 3 scores & then can play ball control the rest of the game. But even then there’s no guarantee. I think SF plays a respectable game, but in the end that KC offense is too much. Mahomes gets his first ring and fully steps into that “face of the league” role that Tom Brady held for so many years. Reid gets his first ring, solidifying his HOF career, and hopefully this means a HC job for Eric Bienemy sooner rather than later. :100:


I see KC winning, just have no faith that Jimmy G can come through when it matters

I know nothing about American Football but I’ll make a blind guess and say the 49ers win the Superb Owl. What a bird.

Are you from
England mate?

This reminds me of the Carolina vs Denver Super Bowl. It was all about Cam and his offense and how can they be stopped. I think the same will happen to the Chiefs. Mahomes is great but the 49ers have the formula to shut him down and win 20-13. 49ers is who I would bet on but I wanna see Mahomes get it. K I’ll stop flip flopping and just say go 49ers

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That’s an excellent point that you bring up, and I could see that play out in a “best case scenario” for them 'Frisco kids.

But it’s not a perfect comparison for 2 reasons, IMO:

  • Cam didn’t have anywhere close to the offensive weapons that Mahomes has. If I’m remembering correctly, his top 3 weapons were Ted Ginn, James Stewart, & Greg Olsen. Mahomes has a much better complement of skill players around him. Sammy Watkins would’ve been Cam’s #1 reciever on that Carolina team, and at BEST he’s the 3rd option for the Chiefs.

  • I am a fan of Cam & he’s a borderline HOFer, but Pat Mahomes is a different cat. He’s a Brett Favre mixed with 2010 Mike Vick and a lil’ dash of Steve Young. If any one guy can lift his squad in the most team of team sports, it might be this kid.

I just hope it’s a good, competitive game…With a Chiefs win, of course. :rofl::football::100:

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Mahomes is as good or better than Russell Wilson. Cam is not that level

The other reason why SB50 isn’t a good comparison is because Payton Manning in that game was a broken down version of himself in his last game ever. Jimmy G is in much better shape.

The best comparison I have seen is SB46 the second Pats vs Giants game in 2012. That was an elite Pats offense (perhaps the greatest offense ever) vs an elite defense. And the Giants came out ahead in that matchup. Jimmy G and Eli Manning are pretty comparable.

What I think is crazy is that with 24 votes the predictions are tied 12-12. With a Vegas line of -1 this should be a really fun close game.

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Cam is definitely a hall of famer - in like Madden 17.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Good game. But we all know why KC (and the state of “Kansas”) won…As Sting would say, “It’s Showtime, Folks!!!”. :football: :trophy::100: