Tetsuya Naito states that if he doesn't get more attached to IWGP World Title, he'll toss it

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2024/01/09/tetsuya-naito-states-that-if-he-doesnt-get-more-attached-to-iwgp-world-title-hell-toss-it/

The new champion speaks to the press. 

Headlining NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 was Tetsuya Naito challenging SANADA for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Naito came out victorious to win this version of the Heavyweight Title for the first time and his fourth overall IWGP Heavyweight Title win. 

He spoke to the press and NJPW1972.com has a recap of the media session. Naito was open about his dislike of the IWGP World Heavyweight belt when it was first introduced. 

Since winning the belt, he’s grown a bit of attachment to it but said if that does increase, he’ll toss it. He added that when one breaks a belt in New Japan, they get a new one with a new name, sarcastically referencing the creation of the IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship

Well, I haven’t worn it yet (IWGP World Heavyweight Title). I hold it, but I haven’t worn it round my waist. When this belt was made, I was against it right up to the very end. I never had any good thoughts about this title before, and now I have it… it’s complicated. Maybe I have a little more attachment to this belt than I did before the Tokyo Dome, but just a little. Perhaps the more I hold it, the more attached I’ll become, and if not, well I guess I’ll just toss it. I mean, if you break belts around here, they just give you new ones, right? With a different name. Seems there’s precedent.

Naito’s first title defense will be against SANADA at the conclusion of The New Beginning tour in February. Naito is granting SANADA the rematch for coming to his aid at the Tokyo Dome while he was being ambushed by EVIL and Dick Togo.