Thank you Patrons

Firstly, thank you to all of you. John and I are experiencing an unexpected wave of emotions at all the support we’re experiencing on launch night. We wouldn’t have expected this much support this early. Thank you.

This is the Patron-exclusive section of the forum. It will be the space where we’ll take all on-air show feedback and questions.

This is also a space for any general questions or comments regarding the Post Wrestling Café Patreon. Suggestions for perks and show ideas are all welcome here. Just make a new thread.

We’re incredibly excited about the weeks, months and years ahead. Glad all of you will be able to watch it grow with us.

  • Wai

250 and still going strong!

This would be my second group that I’m a patron of. Going back to one of Wai’s projects, the other is That One Video Gamer, Jirard Khalil and his other projects, who does play video games for a living and I watch him play video games on the Super Beard Bros channel. It is just something fun to watch, people play video games, and the banter within that.

But yes, I definitely wanted to check out the Rewind a Wai podcasts.

Thank you for making quality podcasts and making it possible for me to keep up with what’s happening in wrestling without having to stay up til 4am every week

First time doing a patreon for anything. Didn’t hesitate one second. Glad to see you guys are getting the love you deserve!

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Been listening since the days when The Law would air in the dead of night and totally make me useless for my first period classes, always worth it though. You guys have been doing incredible things for years now, least we could do it support.

All the best and this is going to be something insanely fun to watch develop :smiley:

This is the first patron I’ve ever supported and more than happy to. You guys are awesome and you’re shows are still being listened. I also love the fact you’re called a café and the tiers are coffee based. As a fellow coffee “addict” that sold me even more.

I’ve used Patreon for several years both as a creator and as a patron, and a project like Post Wrestling is absolutely ideal for it. Can’t wait to see (er, hear) what’s to come.

Never has a You Deserved It chant been more appropriate. Thank you for hours of content and entertainment and it’s exciting that we, as fans, can be a small part of the POST

This is the second Patreon I’m supporting as well. The other is the Doughboys Podcast (highly recommended food/comedy podcast.) I’m glad this has a discussion board for these show. Mega excited for all of this

So happy to support the Post. Can’t wait for everything to come


Proud to say this is my first Patreon. So glad you guys are back!

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This is my first patreon and there aren’t two harder workers than I’d want to do this for. Congrats again! Can’t wait for the future

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First Patreon and very happy to support-- especially after YEARS of quality entertainment delivered for free.
Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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I keep looking at the numbers go up on the Patreon and think how long this has been coming. Hours and hours of quality entertainment, for free none the less and now we have a chance to give back. This is my Second Patreon, but definitely is the top priority.


You guys and Konnan are my patreon picks! Happy to support you guys in your new venture! As a comparison KI100 has <300 supporters and they’ve been up for almost a year… you guys are doing amazing already…shows how great the content is. Also the banter between you guys is priceless! Good Luck!

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More than happy to sign up to Patreon for the first time and drop you a little bit of change for all the hours of entertainment you have provided.

I’m one of those people who now follows wrestling solely through your reviews of the weekly shows and checks out a show/segments based on your advice. Was a weirdly low day when you guys all left the LAW, beyond thrilled you’ve found your way here!

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My First Post. Honored to support John and Wai who have given me so much joy on my daily commutes over the years.

Merry Christmas!

EDIT: Just decided to upgrade from the 1/1 to the double double. The Christmas spirit has overwhelmed me. Keep up the great work!


Super excited to see this new site and forum come to fruition. @wai0937 Wai and I had a short convo after the news of them being done with The Law, and among other things, I recommended Patreon, which he told me a lot of people were advising and they were considering. Anyway, I am extremely excited for what’s to come and proudly support the show!

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Thank you Wai and John. Thank you for never giving up and brining us quality content during some unsure times. Just hearing the opening of that Sum 41 song on the Xmas episode or the Rewind-a-Raw song made me smile so hard my face still hurts. The content is great as ever but what brings us back and what makes us support you guys is who you are. You guys a two genuine, likable, and amazing people and I’ll listen to you talk about laptops, coffee, Netflix, or whatever else you want for as long as you are putting it out there. Thanks.