Thanks John & Wai

Just wanted to say thanks to @johnpollock & @wai0937 I’ve recently been laid off from my job after 15 years, you guys got me through many nights at work. Whether I just needed my weekly wrestling review, or looking for a pick me up when I was dealing with some stuff, you guys always kept me upbeat and a lot of times hysterically laughing. Thats why I’ve chosen to keep POST Wrestling as the only thing I’m subscribed to while I’m out of work.


Good luck finding new employment. I was laid off after 23 years, it took me 4 months to the day to find a new job and I am happier now then I was then. Hope you have the same good fortune.


Good luck finding your next job. I’m struggling at the minute as well to find a job and these podcasts have been helping me out. They give me a laugh when I need it most and they make me lose myself with their insight about the product they’re reviewing.

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Where are you located. Maybe someone here on the Post Network can help out. If anyone knows where there hiring please let us know