The Death of WCW panel with R.D Reynolds & Eric Bischoff

This is the ultimate showdown between Eric Bischoff and the author of “Death of WCW”, RD Reynolds at Starrcast. Let’s just say that in the insults between them was entertaining. Whose point of view would you guys trust more? What did y’all think of the book?

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Did see the panel but in the end, I would take bischoff’s point of view over rd for the simple reason that Bischoff was there and Reynolds wasn’t.

I read the book way back when it was first release and I remember thinking that it was really entertaining but felt like just a opinion piece and didn’t felt like there wad a lot of research made in the writing of this book.

I’ve recently listened to the book and it does include a ton of facts behind it. I imagine Bischoff could still be a bit defensive about it though, much like Russo is.

RD Reynolds did a great recap of this and his experience during the entire Starrcast weekend on his WrestleCrap Radio podcast a few weeks back. RD called this panel a “clown show” and said that Eric Bischoff admitted to him to not reading the book after the panel.

I was at Starrcast and only caught the tail end of this panel. I got an Eric Bischoff cardboard cutout head as a souvenir though.

I remember more about wcw than bischoff just from watching nitros.

The guy is an amnesia case

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