The FRIENDS thread - Favorite episodes, moments (Dedicated to Matthew Perry)

With Matthew Perry’s unfortunate passing and his character, Chandler being my favorite. Just want to create this fun thread and ask your favorite moments or episodes.

I think my favorite would be season 5, episode 9: The one with Ross’s sandwich, Ross going insane and Joey covering up Monica and Chandler made me laugh harder than any other episode.

I probably had the biggest crush on Monica in all the times I watched this show as a kid.


I do hope I’m not the only one here. :joy:

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Not the only one lol I definitely need to do a rewatch, anyone know where it streams in Canada?

It says it’s on Crave in Canada.

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Friends was such a massive hit it was inescapable. And still is. It seems like any time of day there are at least three channels with re-runs still on almost 30 years later. I’ve probably seen every episode at least 2-3 times. With some episodes many many times. It’s difficult though to pick out just the best Matthew Perry moments or episodes because the show was at its best when the entire cast was acting together.

My all time favorite episode is “the one with the morning after” (I looked up the title) season 3 episode 16. This is where Ross and Rachel break up while the rest of the gang are hiding in Monica’s room eating wax. It’s hilarious and emotional at the same time which Friends was great at. It’s the first time “we were on a break” gets used in the series which has since gone on to be a phrase everybody knows.

A couple of other great Matthew Perry/Chandler episodes are:

  • The one with the Embryos (or the one with the game show) where the Chandler and Joey win the nicer apartment from the girls.
  • The one where everybody finds out where Chandler pretends to be into Phoebe to hide his relationship with Monica.
  • The one with the cuffs where Chandler is trapped in Rachel’s bosses office. Which is where this hilarious gif comes from.

Episode 3: The One with the Cuffs GIFs on GIPHY - Be Animated


I have an episode but it will be poor taste.

You’re definitely not the only one. I loved Friends, I would go as far as to say that Friends is my favourite TV show of all time. There was just something about it that made the show so incredibly special.

Matthew Perry is actually the reason why I gave Friends a shot back in 1994. He did a show in 1993 called “Home Free” that I watched and while the show was a dud, he was very funny in it, and when Friends came out I remember a 10 year old me saying “hey, its that funny guy from the show I watched last year” and I gave it a shot, and loved it.

It’s tough with Perry specifically though, because some of his best moments from a comedic standpoint sadly correlated with I believe his lowest points. One moment that sticks out for me is the scene where Ross and Rachel are fighting after their breakup and Ross comes to help them, and Chandler takes on the role of a child upset that his parents are fighting, his actions were hilarious at the time, but I’m pretty sure he was to the extreme he was in that scene due to whatever he was taking at the time.

With that said, off the top of my head I would say some of my favourite Chandler moments were:

  • Winning the Apartment
  • The Bromance between him and Joey (not so much a "moment’ but a storyline
  • Monica coming up from under the sheets in London
  • His description of Joey’s tailor
  • “I pity the fool who wears this watch”
  • His proposal to Monica
  • Getting caught “watching sharks”
  • Being stuck in a vestibule with Jill Goodacre
  • hitting himself in the head with a filing cabinet (I’m pretty sure that was legit)
    edit Just saw that @RedRaider07 posted the GIF lol
  • When he listened to self help tapes for Women
  • “You have to stop the Q-tip when there is resistance”

Thats just off the top of my head. Early on in the show (Seasons 1-4), he was by far the funniest person on the show. His sarcastic wit as a character was unlike anyone I have every seen in my

Sadly he could never re-create what he had with Friends. I watched a few shows of his afterwards. There was a SNL drama show he did that I gave a shot to, then he did Mr. Sunshine which wasn’t that good, a show called Go On which I actually really liked, but it was cancelled, and I think his last sitcom was The Odd Couple, but I didnt really care for it.

I think he was underrated as a dramatic actor, the Monica Proposal is a perfect example of that.



You’ll know we all watched it if we’re honest with ourselves.

I can’t remember if the episode was good but Ross wearing leather pants was funny and …. I’m thinking hard but that’s all I got.

It was no Fraiser was it. Really sad news about Matthew Perry though, too many men die too soon. All look after yourselves out there and reach out for help when you need it.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was a mess, but he was great on it.


That was the SNL style show I was talking about. Completely forgot the name. I agree 100%, he was great, but show wasn’t.

Not gonna lie, Ross and Rachel breaking up still gets me in a river of tears. lol but this was incredible acting.

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The One with The Embryos. You can take anyone who’s never seen an episode and get up to speed here. It’s a microcosm of what made the show such a success.

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