The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


Did you not say Arrow is ending? I’m pretty sure you said that, when you tried to act smart. Berlanti may have a bunch of shows, but not near as many people know him, as they do Amell.


Everyone who watches the DCW shows all call it the Berlantiverse :joy:


Actually, more people call it the Arrowverse, but good try there. There are also people that exist, who dont watch those shows, that know way more of Amell, than Berlanti. Wrestling fans…which is who AEW is trying to attract I’m pretty sure, since it is called All Elite Wrestling…they all know way more of Amell, than Berlanti.


We trying to pretend all those kids who watched a ninja turtles movie a few ears ago are going to watch AEW because that’s the only thing I’ve seen Amell in that wasn’t Arrow.

Oh and the shows have dipped in ratings…and he didn’t move any needles at Summerslam a few years ago.


If the Green Ranger has a show on this network too, then count me in!


What does this have to do with ratings or Greg Berlanti? I made a joke to MJ, since Stephen Amell has history with the Bucks/Cody and MJ mentioned the CW. Anyone with half a brain, knows Stephen Amell isnt going to get a wrestling company, on any network. But you wanna try and come here and act like you are smart or something. Or you’re just legit stupid and actually think more people know Greg Berlanti over Stephen Amell.


Stephen Amell is not getting a wrestling show on a network. And neither is a football owner (well maybe, idk). What I mean when I make those connections is that it becomes increasingly likely introductions can be made. CW and Amell seemingly have a great relationship which means an introduction to network heads whether formally or casually is possible. And from there anything can happen. But that’s how I go about speculating on these things. It’s as educated a guess as I can make because frankly, nobody will know til it’s done. Alllll speculation


This thread is so gloomy. My goodness, do you people have a life?


Obviously, there’s more money involved in a TV deal, but I don’t think it would be a bad thing for AEW to be on a streaming service at first. Unless I’m underrating the size of network that they could land, then AEW can’t afford to lose any of its fan base. They need every willing fan to be investing (literally and figuratively) in the product to gain traction. This is one of Impact’s biggest problems. I’ve tried to give them a chance but I haven’t had any of the last 3-4 or so channels that hosted their weekly TV (in the U.S.).


Stephen Amell doesn’t carry weight like Greg Betlanti does plain and simple.

Using insults means you’re right :joy:


nailed it …


Considering almost every reply is hours apart…I’d say yeah.

It’s a forum…I find it odd people come here to judge others for treating it like a forum.


I’m as active on here as anyone - if you wanna start a group chat we can do that too :roll_eyes:

This forum is so easy to use - I click the icon on my phone - see who responded to threads I’m active in - and reply like it was a text if I feel like it. I rather text about Wrestling with people that have interest enough to be on this forum than swipe on tinder or look at the same work I look at 12-14 hours a day. Sorry if that offends anyone. For those who it doesn’t offend, thanks for providing great thoughts and feedback and a break from everyday nonsense


Focus on the gloomy part


Just chiming in here as to why I am optimistic about All Elite. (And perhaps to contrast the “gloom”.)

  • I think that for the first time in 20 years there is a chance for a competitive alternative in North America to the WWE. I’m not saying they’ll compete for a number one spot (as with infrastructure alone, WWE has 20 years of not being challenged, and has TV deals that makes them untouchable. Through the NXT set-ups, the Network, and the brand itself.). But for 20 years, people said the only way for true a true competitive brand to exist would be a billionaire getting behind a promotion and starting something new. And it’s actually happening now. And more so than anything in terms of “competitive”, I’m not even so much looking at it in the sense of a ratings battle - I’m saying it in terms of a place where talent wants to work, and giving people an option with competitive wages, etc.

  • The HUGE difference to me (and 18 years needed to pass, to truly make it a generation removed) is that behind the scenes, AEW has absolutely zero connection to behind the scenes players from WWE, WCW, or ECW. TNA and ROH, came out of the ashes of two dead companies. Aside from Jericho as an in-ring talent, and Gunn as an agent, I’d say that this is truly a fresh start at a big scale promotion. No Jarretts, no Russos, etc. This is a fresh start, based largely around talent who have worked outside the current system and bet on themselves.

  • Ideally, again, for talent, this will create a sense of value. I don’t think there is any debate that Main Roster WWE has it’s main event players, and then everybody else stuck in the middle of the pack. Really, since Brock walked out in 2004, the idea has been building the brand as the value, rather than a group of main event talent. And that has it’s upsides but also its downside. But it has created a giant roster of people that for the better part of a decade are just cogs in a giant machine. Great talent has been left to grow complacent. Even at an NXT level, world class talent is signed and sitting around working in front of 200 people in Florida for years at a time. Hopefully, AEW can for the first time in a while, provide a true alternative for talent.

Anyway, those are the reasons I am feeling optimistic.


People seem to forget about how much assets TNA had just 9 years ago. Billionaire backers, prime time TV on a decent cable channel and tons of established stars that were that even non wrestling fans knew. They were in a way better situation than AEW is right now. Fans act like no other promotion has had a chance at being a viable number 2. TNA had every opportunity to do so.

I too am really glad that it is fresh new young people that are going to be in charge of this. Thank god people like Jarrett, Cornette, Russo, Bischoff and Heyman have nothing to do with this. They all have the stinch of failure on them and their time has come and gone in the business. I really think once Jericho can’t wrestle anymore he should play a big role in the company behind the scenes. I have always thought he was the guy that should be in charge of a wrestling promotion. Everything he touches turns to gold.


TNA certainly did have every opportunity to succeed. It was backed by a company that was valued at billions (and went out of business according to Wikipedia at the end of 2018 with a value of under 8 million dollars). However, I don’t think the financial commitment was ever made to the company that was needed to make it succeed.

You mention 9 years ago… Yup, Spike TV was all in and Monday nights too. However, everything behind the curtain was trying to capture something from a decade earlier and not look towards the future. Again, that is the biggest thing for me and the belief that AEW has the chance to be successful.


Biggest signing was a 48 year old tho.


I think TNA was doomed from the start when it was named “TNA” (Russo’s idea). I mean you already shot yourself in the foot right there. You could add that to the least of things AEW learned from TNA, not to give yourself a super cringey name from the get go. They have to upgrade this logo too. It looks very minor league and kinda dated.


The company name honestly just sounds like a vanity project.

And I don’t think “A E Dub A E Dub A E Dub” sounds good.