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Hey Fellow POST-Marks!

1st of all, I just wanted to give you all a shout-out for the positive feedback I’ve received for the debut episode of TRMPS. I had a feeling y’all would enjoy it (especially w/the mini-“Keep It 2000” reunion), but the response has exceeded what I was expecting when JoPo, The Man Called Ting, & myself first started talking about the show. I really appreciate it, & I know you’re going to dig what my guests & I have planned for the show down the road (including Brother Pollock waxing poetic about “The Tooth Fairy”…Lol!).

The 2nd thing I wanted to mention was the Kings Of Sport Patreon that I mentioned on the show. It’s live as of this afternoon & Brother Marcus & I have already uploaded some fun bonus content (including our first video recording of the KOS-Pod which should be up tonight around midnight).

So if any of that stuff interests you, take a look at our page, and as always…“Nubian eyes are watching”. :joy::100:


Great episode glad to have you back

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I’m really looking forward to this first run of episodes. Got some great guests penciled in & I think it’ll be interesting to see how this show (much like Rock’s early film career) changes & evolves until it becomes the best version of itself! :100:

Never watched the scorpion king so was nice to catch up on it with you guys,kind pf like how i follow Raw but with John and Wai

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ICYMI: Our EXCLUSIVE conversation w/McAloon Productions boss. T.J. McAloon is out now!

The owner of Inspire Pro Wrestling & the promoter of TWO shows during SuperBowl week in Atlanta (“The Ultimate Bar Brawl” & “Come Hell or High Water”) gave us his first major interview since those events went down. TJ discussed the joy & pain (and maybe the sunshine & rain) involved with pulling off such a massive feat…And you know we had plenty of smoke for Bob “Orchids Of Asia” Kraft!

You can get this show PLUS plenty of other bonus audio & video content for only $9.99 a month at The Kings Of Sport Patreon! #DownWithTheKings :crown::sunglasses::100:


Last night, I hosted a Royal Rumble review on the KOS-Pod Patreon!

"On the latest edition of “Chain Reaction” a Merlot-fueled Nate Milton welcomes series regulars Jenifer Smith (“The Jenny Position”), Brent Chittenden (“True North Nerds”), & Scott Criscuolo (“The Main Event”) back to the show to review the 2020 Royal Rumble from Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas!

Topics discussed include:

  • The Match Of The Night
  • The Performer Of The Night
  • The Most Disappointing Match
  • The World/Universal title picture as we head towards 'Mania
  • Why Baron Corbin doesn’t work (and what his navel looks like!)

All this, plus Scott & Nate share their thoughts on the late/great Kobe Bryant on an action-packed episode of “The Hippest Trip In Pro-Wrestling Podcasts”, The Chain Reaction!"

Here’s the direct link to the latest edition of the KOS, if anyone wants to check out the Kobe Bryant conversation JoPo referenced on the Cafe Hangout. The video version of the show should be up soon. :100:

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For anyone interested, here’s Part 1 of the KOS-Pod “Wilder Vs. Fury II” post-fight coverage, I roll solo for a special reaction show & then Marcus & I will be back Monday w/more thoughts & predictions for what happens next! :100:

New Pod-ness!

On a new edition of “The Twenny Twin-Twin”, “The Professor” & “The Godfather” are back to give their thoughts on the wild world of politics!

Topics Discussed Include:

  • The results of “Super Tuesday”
  • Bernie Vs. Biden…And Tulsi!
  • “The Black Vote” and why it went so heavily for Biden.
  • The need for the Democratic party to coalesce around the eventual nominee.
  • The effects that 4 more years of Trump could cause.

All this & more on an all-new edition of “The Hippest Trip In Politics”!

#Decision2020 :us_outlying_islands::100:

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Free episode up on the Patreon feed feat. Marcus & I discussing the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic’s effects on the sports world. PLUS Brother @Alex_Patel cuts through the social media chatter & drops some scientific knowledge on us (and the listeners)!


I enjoy the episode and big thanks to Alex for explaining the virus and how you should handle this situation. Put my mind at ease .

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'Preciate that, brother!

Marcus & myself tried to bring the sports perspective & a bit of levity/positivity to the proceedings & Alex brought the medical facts.

Thanks for listening, and be safe! :fist:t4::100:

The first episode of a new project I’m working on is available free of charge over at the KOS Patreon!

This is “TDT Talks”, the show about a group of podcasters navigating their way through “The Darkest Timeline”! It’s 50% group therapy, 50% podcast “All-Star Game”…And 100% real.

This week, “The Godfather” Nate Milton & Steve Wille (Place To Be Nation) welcome Jennifer Smith (Place To Be Nation, The Jenny Position, North-South Connection) & Vanessa Shark (Black Lightning Podcast, Strange Adventures Podcast) onto the show to talk about how they’re dealing with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Managing your vices in a stressful time.
  • Finding “normal” in a time that’s anything but.
  • Coming together as a nation in the midst of a crisis.
  • How cultural upbringing affects our response to tough times.
  • Tackling privilege & changing how we treat each other.
  • What makes us happy right now.

TDT Talks


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Just a quick heads-up, POST-Marks…

Monday from 6-9 eastern, The Kings Of Sport will be presenting a LIVE WrestleMania Recap show on Podbean! You can use the link below to access the app. From there, you can listen to the show, and even call in with YOUR opinions! :100:


In honor of Brother Chadwick Boseman, we’re donating the money we make from any new Patrons from now until the end of September (09/30/20) to charity.

#RipChadwickBoseman :prince:t5::fist:t5::100: