The Last Ride,yawn

Loved the first episode but episode 2 was a drag,concentrating on the period up to the Mania “match” with Cena.
Primo Colon is in it,that sums up the excitement
More Dance less Ride please.

I honestly couldn’t disagree more. I preferred the second episode.

The stuff with him and Vince is amazing. Shows Vince a different light.

Had to explain to my wife how the footage makes it look like him and Cena had much more of a match than is portrayed though

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That is not Vince in a different light,that is Vince knowing cameras are rolling.The guy is the greatest showman

I meant how deeply Taker loves and respects him

One of coolest little moments for me so far was that quick clip of Undertaker and Bruno backstage. With him (and Andre) gone, I don’t know that there’s a more iconic duo in the business that we’ve never seen together.

100% agree with you. I found the first episode good, but this one I really really liked. It was fascinating to see the relationship between Taker and Vince, and it 100% showed Vince in a different light.

Anytime you read/listen to an interview with guys that that work closely with Vince (Austin, Foley, Taker, Bret, Shawn etc.), you hear them talk about him in such a positive light and as a father figure. I think this may be the first time we have had a chance to actually see that which was cool. Those two clearly mean a lot to each other.

A few of my random thoughts:

The surgery was cringe worthy, I couldn’t imagine someone hammering/drilling (at least that is how it appeared) into my hip. We all know what these wrestlers go through, but to see it, damn.

You can’t help but feel for Michelle McCool, it can’t be easy being the wife of a wrestler. Watching him go through all those surgeries, the rehab, the pain etc. Not easy.

Anyone else notice when they showed the Royal Rumble banner in his training facility how they had the top rope covering the eyes of Benoit? At least I’m almost sure that was Benoit. No way that is a coincidence.

Interesting to see a wrestler watch and critique their own match. You can see the passion in his eyes and can tell how much it bothered him when they botched that spot.

The way Roman reacted when Taker apologized just shows you that Roman carries himself the right way, which makes sense considering he grew up in the business. So respectful to a legend, perfect scene for any young wrestler to watch.