The latest WWE AR puzzle.

So last week, messages flashed on the screen.

Tonight, during the New Day’s entrance, there was a more blatant message containing a QR code. The code led to a site with a simple word puzzle, which revealed another URL, containing a video HERE.

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Also, on URL from the QR code, if you highlight the space between the two puzzle images, you’ll get the message “YOU DIDN’T WANT US.”

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My first philosophy lesson : Plato’s grotto


QR code on Smackdown as Triple H came out. Appears to just lead to this static image.

I whiffed on what the photo led to, but this week’s code led to a screen asking for the number of sense organs. Answer with 5, click Proceed, and you get this video.

Do the people who wade through all this crap at least get a free Mountain Dew? :yawning_face:

I’m not doing a lot of wading. Just putting a toe in the water.

I just don’t understand what people expect or want from this stuff.

Last time we got glow in the dark spookiness, neon pellets and Uncle Howdy doing a dive. I just have no faith it will lead to anything worthwhile. Total waste of time

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It’s just something done for fun and different from the usual vignettes. Nothing to get hot about.

Not “hot” at all, it’s just shitty material

I haven’t seen any of the vignettes, but this probably leading to the new Wyatt family.

It very much looks that way, with Bo Dallas heading it up. Not something I needed, but I am at least curious about the direction of this within the “New Era.”

Alex Bliss should return as the new Wyatt Family leader, if/when she returns from maternity leave.

Whether you like these or not, the effort, thought, and execution should be applauded. This is far more engaging for your fan base than the “coming soon” vignettes.

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That match was incredibly dumb. But you’re talking about an angle/gimmick that resulted in literally one televised match before extenuating circumstances (and then tragedy) took over.

I don’t mind the QR code, scavenger hunt stuff. It doesn’t interest me, but it’s easy enough to ignore. For me, the sad reality is that it just makes want to see what a different regime would do with Bray Wyatt, not a stable of his sidekicks and whoever else.


Shit looks like some bad NFT art from 2021.

Hey guys, AEW is selling a lot of tickets and everybody who works there seems happy. Please stop talking about anything else.

Sorry, but I call bullshit on this one.

AEW aired a real life fight, where one of the participants works for the competition. The CM Punk drama did a lot of damage to AEW, and the choice to air that wasn’t some morality issue, it was just stupid business to re-open that wound for a pop.

WWE is likely bringing back the brother of a deceased performer in a way to keep his legacy going and let the brother continue it. Could it end up being cringy/immoral like the Eddie/rey stuff? Very possible, but to compare this to the footage is apples to oranges.

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Unhinged take. You’re acting as if WWE is teasing a hologram Bray Wyatt to sell tickets and cutting his family out of the profits. This feels more like a continuation of some of Bray’s ideas, in direct collaboration with his family and close confidants. It’s literally keeping his surviving brother in a job with a role on TV potentially. Don’t think Bo is complaining.

Nobody gives TK shit for featuring Negative One, for example. It’s not exploitation. People are just happy for the kid and for the family.


It’s at least different imagery than what Wyatt used. Let’s just wait and see before jumping to wild conclusions.

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I 100% agree with @McGuire72.

If it comes out down the road that Bo and family were pressured or manipulated, feel free to criticize. If Vince was still running things, I could see the reason for pessimism. But at this point, nothing that has been done so far feels exploitive IMO.

I get you’re angry with the company, but creating all these false narratives is just unnecessary as there is plenty of actual negative you can focus on outside of creative.

You don’t need to take something that could end up being really cool for the fans and the performer and and spinning it to be so ugly. This type of framing just comes off so rage filled.