The N.W.A. Podcast: “Game Recognize Game”


The Advocates are back to break down August’s biggest news stories including the regime change in the WWE, the true strength of Bobby Lashley, Amari Miller’s comments regarding Sasha Banks, and more!

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Fantastic show gentlemen. Always good to hear you guys talk about Wrestlemania 19 and the terrible booking behind Booker T vs HHH as a testament to how 19 years later how that match can still piss me and other people off!


Awesome talk. The Kofi v Brock thing is even worse when you consider 2 things.

1.) Cane v Brock is better without the title or at least didn’t need it. But I would believe Cane could win if the title wasn’t involved.

2.) They had an out of a clean finish for that match. Rey and Cane come out during the match. After Kofi gets his hope spot and Brock gets back on top, music hits Cane comes out and Brock either loses a distraction roll up. Or goes to fight with Cane and the match gets thrown out/he gets counted out. Then you can redo Brock v Kofi later after the Cane match.