The NWA Podcast: "Ask An Advocate"

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What’s goin’ on, POST-Marks!

With the announcement of “The Nubian Wrestling Advocates” impending arrival on POST, I decided to create this thread as a place for any questions you may have for me or my co-hosts.

Whether you want our takes on a particular gimmick/storyline, or just have a general question about our experiences as wrestling fans over the years, feel free to ask us! We’ll try to answer at least a couple of your questions per episode, so if we don’t address your question on our POST debut, don’t worry…We got you!

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So thrilled and happy the nwa is joining the post universe proper.

At some point I’d like to hear thoughts on the Saba Simba character. Even as a kid I knew this gimmick was messed up.

I feel like Vince sometimes wants to push people but uses extremely stereotypical material that just turns off the audience.

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Awesome news, Nate! Not since Moxley showed up at All Out has the debut of a familiar face in a new context gotten a bigger pop from me. I’d be keen to hear your perspectives on Scorpio Sky’s recent comments regarding racial coding in terms of commentary and general descriptions of black wrestlers, especially given your expertise in more mainstream sports where the issue’s been openly discussed for a while now.

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