The nxt game

I know there are fans of NXT on this board, so i thought why not play a little game with you all and to find out if these wrestlers are multi dimentional or one dimentional.

The rules of this game is as follow.

  1. I will put 10 names of nxt alumni that have made their main roster debut.
  2. Your task is to write 5 things that make theses character multi dimentional
  3. You can write anything you want except the fact that they are great wrestlers or anything about their in ring performance.

So with that said, here the list.

  1. Ricochet
  2. Aleister black
  3. Johnny gargano
  4. Tomasso ciampa
  5. Lacey evans
  6. EC3
  7. Nikki cross
  8. Tye dillinger
  9. No way jose
  10. Bobby roode

So this is just a game and i’m just doing this for the fun of it and to see if you know your NXT superstars outside of how great they are in the ring.

What do you mean by multi dimensional ? Do you mean rounded ?

I mean they have more then one thing they are known for as a character. Are any characteristic that make that character feel special.

How is this an nxt thing? The writing on raw and SD are way more stereotypical than nxt. On that front this isnt’t the Oscars. When trying to perform to a large audience you can’t be as subtle as you can on a tv show or a movie. It doesn’t work for wrestling so this post doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Just trying to have a little fun with this. Just to see if people watching NXT only connect to the characters based on how they are booked and to see if they have something else they should be working on. You look at all the big guys and girls that became big stars, they all have that certain something that make them special to the fans eyes. That’s was the point of the game. Because fans always complain about how the main roster always screw up the NXT talent.

This was a experiment on my part and it’s seem to have fail since nobody seems to understand to concept.

My theory is that you are defined by your own actions. So one of Ricochet’s character traits would be former North American Champ. I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. Apart from Gargano and Ciampa, these characters are pretty “one dimensional”.

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Nikki Cross was part of Sanity but Sanity left her behind and it made her more crazy. She wanted to gain Alestir Blacks loyalty but he doesn’t want to play either. This is why she’s crazy and always looking for someone to play. She just wants a friend and ally.

Lacey Evens is a mom, a wrestler, a veteran, and represents the American woman. But she said also nasty and that’s part of being an American. She’s somebody that should be loved and isn’t and therefore is a heel who is angry that people don’t get it.

Gargano is the forever underdog who rises to the ocassion every time. Don’t ever doubt him because even when he loses he wins and that makes all his feuds and matches must see

Ciampa is a dastardly heel who will betray his own to gain in the industry. He’s a terrific partner but untrustworthy even to those who he aligns in goals with. He has had major injuries making him a colder and harder person as he has his massive chip on his shoulder

Riccochet is he modern wrestler who can fly. Yes he’s mostly flashy but he is on a mission to redefine what an athlete and wrestler is. He is cocky and knows he can hang and that makes him misunderstood.

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Agree but I wrote above how to make them have depth using what we’ve seen in their NXT runs

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Aleister Black comes from a kickboxing background and melds that discipline with his wrestling. Though he hasn’t talked about it publicly so much, his father was raised in a religious cult, though apparently that cult has become more accepted in his homeland. That in turn has led to a deep fascination of the occult, which he has used to play mind games with his opponents and to keep calm under pressure… until the parking lot attack that took him out for the summer sent him over the edge. He prides himself as being an outlier.

Bobby Roode had a lot going for him in NXT. He came in off the back of past success and knew NXT was the place to reach even greater success. However, he also wanted to change NXT and draw in a higher class of audience than what NXT was offering him. He felt he was truly glorious and that everyone else, fan and superstar alike, was beneath him. Moving up to WWE shortly after he lost the NXT Title to Drew McIntyre changed his attitude, perhaps because he was humbled, but also perhaps he reached an even greater level of success above NXT, so why be so mean when everything is GLORIOUS?

EC3 was a former NXT star who found great success elsewhere. He returned to the current-day NXT landscape with a chip on his shoulder and a bigger bank account, with the off-hand remark on commentary that “EC3” was the formula to his success. Eventually, rather than go down a dark path like Roode, he gave in to people actually liking him and got along with people better. That may have prevented him from reaching the same heights as Roode.

Tye Dillinger seemed so hurt after Jason Jordan abandoned him (yep, remember their tag team?), he developed a superiority complex. He thought he was a perfect ten, while everyone else was considerably lower than him. He would even identify people by the numbers at which he personally ranks them. He eventually mellowed out as fans took to his persona, getting along with people more while still keeping a high level of confidence, using ot to overcome adversity from the likes of Sanity.

No Way Jose… eh, this is tricky. He has a dance background, grew up on baseball a little, and trained to wrestle, melding all three elements together. He likes to dance and party in his free time and is a nice guy in general. No evidence yet that he’s running drugs (sorry JoPo).