The POST - NBA Discussion Thread

My suggestion from experience is to start watching college basketball. I think it’s a better game, overall.

But also, when you go back to watching the NBA, you realize just how damn talented those guys are. Give an NBA shooter an inch of breathing room, and he’s hitting 8-of-10 from beyond the arc. The reason they take these wild looking pull-ups and step-backs is because that’s all the defense will give them… and they’ll still hit 33% of them.

The biggest B.S. about the NBA is in the officiating. Because it’s not even the officials’ job to make the correct call. It’s to make sure that LeBron gets the same whistle as KD and Embiid and whoever else. And that counts as “fair”.


Many of these officials, they dont do anything about flopping and not even calling travels half the time as well. And making stupid foul calls as well.


That’s my team :facepunch: