The Villain & The Dutch Destroyer...

Scurll stirring the pot or a sign of things to come? Also, isn’t this the same sort of thing Jimmy Jacobs was fired from the WWE for?

Guys post pictures of themselves with people from other promotions all the time. They just dont do it when those guys from other promotions are claiming they are invading the show on that day.


I wouldn’t make a big fuss out of it. Scurll is also good friends of Zack Ryder since his girlfriend (Deonna Purrazzo) is also good friends with Zack’s (Chelsea Green)…Jimmy Jacobs’ situation is different because it happened at the RAW location in a moment where Bullet Club was supposed to “invade” the show. So, of course, Vince got pissed at Jacobs and fired him. But this is absolutely nothing. Pretty sure they worked against each other in the UK at one point.

What’s the chairman’s current mood? Does he like or dislike the guy in the first place? How much would it cost to get rid of him?

When it comes to the petty, inconsequential shit like Instagram, those are the only factors that matter.

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