The Wellness Policy #6: Social Media

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Wai Ting and Jordan Goodman are back with this month’s edition of The Wellness Policy as they explore both the many benefits and trappings of social media.

They discuss their histories with early forms of social media dating back to the 90’s, what the popular Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma tells us about the way social media uses us today, and how we may be able to harness its advantages without succumbing to its many pitfalls. Plus, lots of time dedicated to your calls about the topic.

Next month, we’ll discuss the importance of play in our everyday lives. If you’d like, join Jordan and Wai in next month’s reading by having a look at Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soulby Stuart Brown.

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I gotta say I’m totally in Wais camp here, when the co host mentioned AIM, I thought “who used that??” Lol i don’t know anyone close to this age that used anything but MSN.

Also will have to watch the film, a little confused as to what he meant when he said the actor from Madmen was playing a character that was cosplaying, but what as I’m not sure lol

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Ha, from my perspective it seemed everyone used AIM. I think we mentioned Pete from Mad Men cosplaying as a social media algorithm in the doc. I realize that’s an odd sentence to type…

Thanks for listening! :v:

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Lovely show as always fellas, unless one of you mentions a future WWE show these shows are timeless and don’t have to be listened to immediately like Rewind A Wai. See I had AIM, MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger. I didn’t like using AIM because it was mostly real friends and classmates, while my MSN contacts were people I met on MTV message boards and could be more open

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Thanks for the listen and feedback. Honestly pretty surprised about the AIM/MSN split. Even more surprising is the lack of ICQ among many people my age outside of my area. Felt like my entire world at the time.