The WrestleMania 34 Trip Planning Thread

The Road To WrestleMania has begun! Let’s begin a thread of travel discounts, great places to vistit and eat, what shows to catch and what to do whilst in NOLA!

Me and the lads are flying into Houston, Texas first on Saturday Match 31st. We’re gonna spend the weekend there before grabbing a rental car on Monday and road tripping (WOOO! USA! USA! USA!) the 6 hour journey to New Orleans. We have booked a small AirB’N’B ‘apartment’ for just under $900 for the rest of the stay; it’s basically a converted garage about a mile away from central New Orleans. I have no idea how we’re going to squeeze 4 fully grown men in there, but fuck it. Hotels in New Orleans are super expensive so I’m happy with the saving we got, despite the cramped conditions.

I’ve worked out a pretty decent wrestling schedule, here’s we’ve got tickets for;

Thursday: WrestleCon Supershow

Friday: PROGRESS, WWN SuperShow & SpringBreak. All these are at the other venue 25 minutes away so we’ll spend the day up there and head back at 3am for sleep and/or more drinking.

Saturday: Due to SpringBreak running until late, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll go to any show apart from NXT in the evening. It’s a shame as the Wrestling Revolver/Fight Club:Pro/AAW joint show sounds super fun and will have the BSS VS OI4K rematch, but it’s on at 11am and we’ll probably either be recovering, hungover and/or asleep. Oh, and who can forget a Saturday Night on Bourbon Street?!

Sunday: 'Mania all-day, baybay!

I think I’ve got a good grouping of shows there without too much grapple overkill. Not doing RAW, Hall Of Fame or Axxess as they aren’t really appealing so we’re going to catch some New Orleans Babycakes games instead. Still leaves most of Monday - Thursday afternoon to fill in with touristy stuff.

Really looking forward to it! It’s going to be my first time in the USA and it’s going to coincide with my 30th Birthday (well, off by a few days but still!)

So how about you lot? What’s your plan? And if you know NOLA well (or Houston, for that matter) what is there to do?

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I went to wrestlemania 30 with my wife and we had the greatest time in New Orleans. I would love to go back for 34 but we just can’t do it this year.

One important lesson we learned though is to fly in early! Weather in Louisiana is very fickle and flights are very often delayed because of rain and storms. If you want to make sure you make it for Takeover on Saturday or Wrestlemania on Sunday I HIGHLY recommend planning on flying in at least a day before to make sure you don’t miss anything. My wife’s flight was actually cancelled for WM30 and getting her to New Orleans was really difficult and stressful.

I travel to New Orleans quite a bit for work and encourage people to try to stay downtown or in the french quarter/garden district. This is by far the nicest and most fun area of New Orleans with a decent public transportation system. But once you get away from this part of town the traffic is miserable.

Bourbon street will be a blast after the shows, but be careful. There has been a recent uptick in some violent crimes, shooting and robberies in the area. And 50,000 drunk wrestling fans coming in from out of town make the perfect target.

For anyone staying on in New Orleans after mania - the French quarter food & music festival kicks off on the 12th and looks really fun.
It will be NBA playoff time aswell and I imagine the Pelicans should at least make the first round.

As far as wrestling goes - Wrestlecon is always a fun show and Rev Pro on the Friday have already announced - Tanahashi, Suzuki & ZSJ.

ROH have also announced Ibushi & Omega for the Sat night.

Joey Janela vs The Great Sasuke has been announced for Spring Break 2 and I’m so happy that I bought floor seats. That’s gonna sell out fast.

I’d love to do Rev Pro on Friday but it clashes with the WWN Supershow and ROH clashes with NXT. As much as I’d LOVE to see Ibushi, i’m more of an NXT fan than a ROH fan (ROH does virtually nothing for me). Hopefully Ibushi gets booked for some other shows during the week.

Thanks for the tip! I don’t think I’ve actually been to a country where gun ownership is encouraged and are literally everywhere so it’ll feel weird knowing that any joe could have a piece on them. I’m sure I’ll get into some fiery, drunken debate about that when with some patriot when I’m over there, should be a good time.

WrestleCon have announced The Golden Lovers vs Best Friends! Oh shit!

Also, Matt Riddle is having a show on Thursday afternoon called’ Bloodsport’.There’s going to be no ring ropes and you can only win by submission or knockout. All ready announced is Matt Riddle vs Low Ki.

Joey Janela’s Spring Break has Janela vs The Great Sasuke and David Starr vs Mike Quackenbush.

PROGRESS have announced that the Thunder Bastard match will be taking place and have confirmed several names for their two shows including Travis Banks, Walter, Jimmy Havoc, Grizzled Young Vets, Will Ospreay, Toni Storm and more.

WWN have also announced several matches for their shows including Daisuke Sekimoto & Munenori Sawa vs. Timothy Thatcher & WALTER, AR Fox vs. Will Ospreay, Matt Riddle vs. Daisuke Sekimoto, WALTER vs. Darby Allin, Keith Lee vs. Daisuke Sekimoto, Matt Riddle vs. Will Ospreay and Keith Lee vs Nick Gage!

Seriously, WrestleMania is a complete after thought for me at this point. There’s so much great stuff going on that what I listed doesn’t even scratch the surface; there’s the NJPW-heavy ROH and Rev Pro shows, the Fight Club Pro/Wrestling Revolver joint show, CZW, House Of Hardcore, Kaiju Big Battel and so much more!

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