Things in Wrestling You Completely Forgot About

It dawned on me that my mind completely erased the fact that Carmella was a manager for Big Cass and Enzo in NXT. I saw a picture of them all together from that time period on Google, and my mind was blown that I had forgotten something so recent.

An angle that had been completely erased from my mind was Raven’s Ninja that would help him win matches in early 2001. The Ninja turned out being Tori. This was mentioned on the Prichard Show a few weeks back, and I didn’t recall it at all despite being a huge fan at the time.

What are some moments/angles/pairings in wrestling that you completely forgot about?

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Your topic is quickly gonna be turned into a challenge for the most obscure wrestling knowledge.

I am going to say Paul Heyman being the very first manager for the undertaker.


Recently I completely forgot about the following guys being absent from shows and or injured:

Bray Wyatt
Jason Jordan
Like Harper
Rhyno and Heath Slater were Tag Champs on Smackdown

Damien Sandow - does he wrestle anywhere now?

I don’t know where you could fit Jason Jordan into the Raw roster right now, especially as Kurt’s son.

Attacking Bobby Roode and reforming American Alpha.


Feud with Corbin to reinstall Kurt as GM wouldn’t be awful actually given where storyline has gone and they never did anything to pay off Kurt having a “son”

Boy how dumb was that though. Add that to list of things I forgot

Jason Jordan hurt his neck…what could they pay off with that exactly?

  • The Smackdown Top 10
  • The Demon vs. Sister Abigail match that never was
  • Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler had a great series of IC Title Matches once

Finn Balor and the Good Brothers had an alliance, a year ago I think it was. Then, by the Rumble (if not sooner) it was done and Balor was a heel again. Too bad, because I really wanted that to take off, too.

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Was I meant to say Paul Heyman manager Mean Mark Callous instead of undertaker ?

Every week on Smackdown before it starts…who’s the U.S. champ again?
Then they remind me and I get sad.

When I listen to podcasts or read about wrestling some random wrestlers names come back to my head from back in the day. Marcus Cor Von, Orlando Jordan, Kevin Thorn, Battle Kat,…

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Have a beatdown if Kurt by Corbin’s henchmen and then Jason makes the save on behalf of his father…it would be something better than pointless beatdown a that don’t set up a program

Or better yet, have Roode turn heel and attack Chad Gable for Jordan to come out and make the save to reunite American Alpha as a hot baby face tag team. They can then teams up with Angle.

This is a lot of fantasy booking though. I thought the latest on Jordan is that his neck injury could be career ending like Corey Graves?

I remember the old days where a wrestler would be put in a sleeper, then the ref would raise the arm once…twice…and the babyface wakes up full adrenaline. Couple of punches to the stomach, run to the rope and whatever else happens after that.

Sure it’s silly but fun to think it used to happen.

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Funny how we would hate it today but because it’s old, we enjoy remembering it.

Bobby Roode was US Champion in 2018.


You don’t have to go that far back to find things which seem incomprehensible today.

Kane challenged for the Universal Title at a PPV this year.

Babyface Bobby Lashley squashed noted and natural heel Sami Zayn this year.

A lovers angle between Bayley and Sasha was teased…this year.

The main roster is a fast acting memory hole. I swear, Trump’s borrowing a page from his old pal’s booking philosophy. Just tire people out with wave after wave of bullshit and they’ll quickly forget 98% of it due to fatigue.

Kinda hard to do that when Jordan isn’t cleared