Thoughts on the Golden Lovers/Bullet Club storyline

I have a feeling that the Golden Lovers are going to implode, like the “Mega Powers”. What’s the possibility that Ibushi turns on Kenny and is revealed as the new appointed leader of the Bullet Club?

One hell of an idea I never thought of that one. Anyone better than Cody.

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I maintain the best way to tell this story is through competition, not any further turns or swerves.

I can’t think of any match I’d want to see more right now than Kenny and Ibushi in the finals of the G1 in Buhdakhan - sight of their last match, a place Kota is supposedly banned from, and where Kenny wanted to face him last year, the G1 Final.

I’d also book Ibushi to beat Okada, and hear me out on that. Kenny initially turned his back on Ibushi at a time when Kota was enjoying more success than him and he was trying to prove he was as great. Now, for Kota to do something Kenny couldn’t, take the belt from Okada, it would pull on all those same emotions again and as a human interest story be fascinating. Would Kenny be jealous, how would he support Ibushi. The possibility that the G1 Final could happen, then the rematch at WK for the belt - to me that’s fascinating.


Man. Can you also produce the storyline for the “Road to Wrestlemania”? Because that was beautifully thought out!! You’re right!! Storyline wise, keep it to the Bucks. And just keep it simple, which I’m in favored for. Who do guys have going over, ultimately , between Ibushi/Omega? And why? Tbh, I kind of had the “Hogan/Bash of the Beach” heel turn for Ibushi. But I can also see Ibushi taking on the Tanahashi role.

I think you ultimately go with Omega as he’s helped New Japan more than Ibushi, who is known for coming and going as well as doing silly stuff because he wants to. I like the idea of them meeting in the G1 Finals, Ibushi wins and then soon after Omega becomes IWGP champion leading to the rematch at WK. You also have the story of can Omega actually beat Ibushi? Showbuckles incredible video highlighted that to me and I had no clue that they had that history.
As for the Bullet Club I don’t see them playing that big of a role going forward. I see them doing the Bucks match and moving away soon after. I do agree that Cody is not great as the “leader” they need someone else but the question is who? I’d personally like Marty Scurll but don’t see that happening.

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@Kahiliaulani ultimately who goes over in a WK showdown depends on future of both guys. If Omega is staying in NJPW, he goes over, finally wins the belt, proves he can beat Ibushi, and in 2019 there is an even bigger push into North America behind Omega as IWGP champ. And you have option to keep the story going as nothing drastic is done outside of two epic matches between the Lovers

If Omega doesn’t resign then Ibushi must win, become the new Ace, as a pure babyface - maybe Kenny plays more of the heel role if he’s heading out. Plus you have a built in reason Kenny is leaving - he can’t beat Ibushi after all this time - and then who knows, you have a dream match for whenever Kenny returns

@Christian I am partial to Ibushi winning the belt from Okada as 1) it’s something Kenny couldn’t do and plays on those old jealousy feelings from the past story of the two and 2) Kenny as challenger makes more sense given the portion of the story where he couldn’t beat Ibushi 1 on 1.

Pointing a hole in my story, if I book Omega to win the G1 again and face Ibushi in the final, that means he has beaten Ibushi. So maybe he does get that win…then Kota wins and gains more noteriaty than Kenny by stopping Okada and the story is Ibushi holding the title as his partner has the contract and he’s what’s standing between Kenny and finally being IWGP champion. Also would add a lot of emotion on top of it being a rematch between partners

Whose storyline?! I had some super good ones that can’t totally happen anymore but I’d love to share if you actually care lol :joy:

The whole WrestleMania card. Starting with the theme music from people whom are not named Florida, Pitbull, and Kid Rock.:joy::joy: Btw, I’ve always heard rumblings, but what is the backstory with Ibushi and wrestling in the Budokan?

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“The Tale of the Golden Lovers”

Ibushi did a moonsault off the balcony and apparently that got him banned. I am pretty sure with NJPW running the G1 Final weekend there, and Ibushi being a top 3 babyface, they will be finding a way to get that ban lifted.

I could get behind that kind of story line and I think it would heat up Bullet Club again as I think it has become kind of stale. Honestly I would have rather have Cody out and Kenny left in. If New Japan Does it right somehow some way the title should be on the line at the next WerstleKingdom show

I got the feeling that whatever direction they choose for this, we won’t be disappointed.

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