Thoughts on WWE Backstage

So this morning I just caught up with WWE Backstage I wanted to hear everybody’s thoughts on it. Honestly for me it still feels like state run TV and similar to the UFC tonight program when they had to deal with Fox.

They added Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet to the cast, which is… Interesting obviously not a WWE hire I did notice while a lot of twitter was shitting on WWE 2K20 glitches he was very loud in saying how much he enjoyed the game. But any who he worked at TMZ so he’s been on TV before good luck to him


This is a joke. Ryan Satin, and many in the WWE-centric Wrestling media are more than happy to be shills for the company to get hired. Remember Peter Rosenberg?

I think the fact he worked for TMZ probably enamored WWE. I mean really there is only ONE person for this job if they wanted this show to feel like a dirt-sheet news coverage show. But they will NEVER go there.


Muscle Vein Man

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I mean I listen to his podcast, he is generally very positive about most stuff, especially the terrible comedy.

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He got positive when he started getting interest from them to join the show. Let me as a serious question:
Why does WWE Backstage need an Insider for their own company?

What is Satin possibly going to cover or break as news that the WWE won’t already know ahead of time? The show is kayfabe. Even if it is suppose to be walking the tight-rope, they are never letting him cover a topic that is remotely painting WWE in a bad light. I have no problem with WWE trying to fill a role like that but I do lose respect for a “journalist” who takes the role and then tries to be anything other than a WWE talking head.


Is the show actually worth watching? I can’t imagine it is but Renee is a good host so it might not be a complete waste of time.

A “WWE Insider” reported on a WWE Talent re-signing with WWE on a WWE show and the source he used was the WWE COO.

You decide if that is worth your time.


Here is a TV Pitch:

ESPN Style Around the Horn show with top Wrestling Media (Meltzer, Keller, Alverez, Pollock, Bix, etc.) discussing topics of the day. No company affiliation.

Air that on ESPN and release the audio as a podcast and the numbers will be great. ESPN should do this. All the FS1 Show is is promotional fluff for its Friday night property. Because even as a “shoot” WWE is never allowing certain things to be said or covered.


I’d listen to that show

I thought it was alright. There was a bit of “shoot talk” at the start with Christian. Paige almost gave me a heart attack.

Otherwise it’s just entertainment, you won’t learn much.

That would be amazing.

Thank God they took out the promo segment, they have more time to talk. I very much prefer that.

Just watched the last episode. William Shatner does not look his age at all. He’s 88 !

What? Damn!!!
Must have been all those years in space

They 100% nailed the condition of the main roster women’s division.

Yes they did. Ember was pretty good on this topic. How come Paige is more vocal on a podcast than on Backstage ?

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Ever since Renee said that any story they run is usually run by the WWE first made me lose interest. If the WWE has to give approval for a story first, then you know what kind of show its going to be