Tim Hortons fans?

I miss Timmies so much and craving their Wild Blueberry muffins. We need more here in the States.
What’s the closest Timmies where you’re at.

Here’s a piece of art that makes me miss Timmies.

Lots of Timmie Hos all over Toronto :slight_smile:

I didn’t know it was as loved in the US as well

Timmies has turned to absolute shit, lol. It’s owned by a Brazilian conglomerate that just cares about pinching more and more out of frozen crap.

In the Northeast of the US, there are some number of Timmies. I would like them to spread around.

I have never been to a Tim Horton’s before. I went to college in Michigan, where they are prevalent but there wasn’t one within a close vicinity of my campus and I did not have a car. I currently live just North of Chicago and think the closest location is several hours away. I am lucky enough to have a Krispy Kreme that still exists within 25 minutes of me.

I live in a shitty blue collar town in Ontario and I’m fairly certain we have more Tim Hortons locations than family doctors.

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