Tim Hortons fans?

I miss Timmies so much and craving their Wild Blueberry muffins. We need more here in the States.
What’s the closest Timmies where you’re at.

Here’s a piece of art that makes me miss Timmies.

Lots of Timmie Hos all over Toronto :slight_smile:

I didn’t know it was as loved in the US as well

Timmies has turned to absolute shit, lol. It’s owned by a Brazilian conglomerate that just cares about pinching more and more out of frozen crap.

In the Northeast of the US, there are some number of Timmies. I would like them to spread around.

I have never been to a Tim Horton’s before. I went to college in Michigan, where they are prevalent but there wasn’t one within a close vicinity of my campus and I did not have a car. I currently live just North of Chicago and think the closest location is several hours away. I am lucky enough to have a Krispy Kreme that still exists within 25 minutes of me.

I live in a shitty blue collar town in Ontario and I’m fairly certain we have more Tim Hortons locations than family doctors.


I am gutted I don’t live in sunny Canada so I can come to Tim Hortons and meet you guys. Hearing Alex Patel and Hanzi are gonna be there makes me even more gutted to not be there

I may have to head to Tim Hortons in Warrington and stand around in the car park for half an hour listening to a PWPodcast … no sleeve for me though :frowning:

There’s 4 different locations within 5 minutes from our house lol it’s a daily stop for me, having an Ice Capp right now!!

No lie, I have 5 locations within 4min of me.


Tim Hortons is shit. Garbage coffee and even worse donuts. Mcdonalds and Starbucks coffee is far superior and Krispy Kreme donuts are superior to their doughy garbage they sell.

But that breakfast sandwich with the glazed donuts

We have 4 Tims Hortons in our hospital alone lol.

I like their steeped tea

KK should be outlawed. They are way too yummy and addictive and the calories you rack up :joy:

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Like 5 people I know are addicted to Iced Caps. Its like crack for Canadians.

are you serious ha ha! I know of 2 in the whole of the UK … I’m sure there’s more.