Titus with the botch of a lifetime

Amazing scenes, I’m in tears

I died. I came in for the replay and my son tried to explain what happened.

Titus world slide


Botch of a lifetime? Clearly you are unfamiliar with the Shockmaster.

Titus is the Shockmaster of our generation.

I must be very very cynical as I made an assumption that it was planned (what with them trying to make Titus the quickest elimination a few years back; my general disbelief in the commentary made it seem way too over the top and forced) but I can’t find anyone who agrees :grin:

That is accurate.

Because you are wrong. Lol. It was clearly a mistake. It was the only time all night Cole sounded real. I think the guy was getting way too many instructions all night but when he began to laugh it was real. Also, Titus isn’t all that good. You can’t fake that.

Haha I am cynical about everything… except Titus’ ability to perform a masterful self-trip

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My first thought was fake but watching it over and over it looked pretty convincing. If it was planned, he did a great job.

I’m still not sure. It looks too real to be fake, but too perfect to be spontaneous. Either way, Titus is the breakout star of the show! :100:


I really can’t decide, I feel if he had tripped naturally he wouldn’t have gone under the ring but who knows. Best part is that he’s joining in on the joke at least.

Just imagine if he’d done that at a US show, where that side of the ring is an LED board. RIP Titus.

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hahahah that would’ve been even better.

Same as Kalisto, he should have run with it but he ignored it.

I would rank it in my top 3 funniest botches of all time with Brock’s shooting star and the shockmaster. It’s only funny because he didn’t hurt himself. I actually thought he wanted to hide under the ring.

Shockmaster is tough to beat but I think this is number one.

I feel like I can show it to a non fan and they would die laughing.

Titus O’Neil botch: Vince McMahon was almost in tears because he was laughing so hard and he made the call for the production team to show the replay several times

What’s the chance that they were filming something for the network and had a camera on Vince? I’d pay good money to see his reaction.

I think Titus should have continued ‘sliding’ under the ring and come out the other side, then joined the match - would have looked like an awesome strategy!

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Exactly what I thought

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