TNT moving three episodes of AEW Dynamite due to NBA programming

Originally published at TNT moving three episodes of AEW Dynamite due to NBA programming

With the return of the NBA, TNT has announced that several episodes of AEW Dynamite will be moved to different nights in August and September.

A news release was issued with TNT confirming the programming changes to POST Wrestling.

Due to the NBA’s schedule, AEW: Dynamite will make the following shifts on TNT:
* The Wednesday, August 19 episode will air on Saturday, August 22 at 6:00pm ET / 3:00pm PT
* The Wednesday, August 26 episode will air Thursday, August 27 at 8:00pm ET/PT
* The Wednesday, September 16 episode will air Thursday, September 17 at 8:00pm ET/PT

The most interesting move is the airing of AEW Dynamite on Saturday, August 22nd, which means AEW will go head-to-head with the NXT TakeOver special on the WWE Network.

POST Wrestling has reached out to TSN to confirm if the same changes will be made for the Canadian broadcasts of the shows and will update this story if we receive confirmation.

I’m ridiculously curious to see how AEW performs in these slots

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I saw this on twitter, but it’s a really interesting concept.

Rumours have been around about AEW getting a second show. If AEW performs good on these nights, could that be the time slot for the new show?

Also, depending on how they perform, particularly on Thursday, would that be the best new time slot for AEW? It’s annoying, but these changes could have their benefits.

Hope the UK coverage isn’t affected too badly.

Kinda ironic that they are now competition for Takeover, wonder if that’s intentional.

It would be up against NFL on Thursdays anyway NXT would have decided that Wednesday would have decided that Wednesdays wasn’t working and would have moved or put on another show (sorry couldn’t resist the dig)

Do you mean ITV’s dreadful coverage? If so, I don’t think they can be any slower to make episodes available. What happened to their commitment to have them on ITV player on a Thursday?

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NXT ratings might actually be more interesting than the AEW ratings for these weeks with no head-to-head for the shows before and after a TakeOver. Then again, they will have NBA Playoff competition on both weeks. So unless the numbers for a show (AEW or NXT) are ridiculously high or low, it may be hard to really interpret them (though I’m sure we’ll try) with so many mitigating factors.

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Fearful of what moving around Dynamite will do for AEW. It’s still a fragile thing, hanging onto viewers. Sending viewers over to NXT for a couple of weeks might be more damaging than TNT or Tony Khan may think currently.

How many ladder matches will NXT book on those unopposed weeks?

I’m sure there will be a slight drop as a few Nielsen households might not be bothered to pay attention to the show being moved around but I don’t think it’ll have much of a long term effect.

Please do a 6:05 start time for the Saturday night show…

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ITV didn’t give a fuck about AEW from the start and they give less of a fuck about AEW now. It’s like they reluctantly have it on their network.

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I believe AEW’s number will increase more on Thursday, unopposed, vs NXT being on Wednesday unopposed.

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I would agree, but I think it matters that they promote this pretty significantly beforehand. I’m sure they’ll mention it, but they need to make sure everyone knows. If done well, I agree in that the number could be really good

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