Tony Deppen wins the ROH World Television Championship

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Tony Deppen is the new ROH World Television Champion defeating Tracy Williams on this weekend’s Ring of Honor program.

The main event of the show featured the championship match that saw Deppen sell throughout most of it and surprised Williams with the pin.

After being hit with a DDT onto the top turnbuckle and fighting out of a crossface submission, Deppen applied a one-arm cattle mutilation that Williams reached the rope to escape. Deppen got his foot on the rope after a beautiful piledriver and then, cradled Williams with a version of La Magistral and got the surprise win.

Brody King, Homicide, and Chris Dickinson came out to celebrate with the new champion as the show ended.

For everyone that told me I’d never get anywhere: fuck off.

To all the people that Always put their neck out for me to help me get in front of new eyes: im gonna continue to bust my ass because y’all Always believed in me.

Oh. Still not signed. This belt is mine now.

— Tony Deppen (@Tony_Deppen) May 2, 2021

The show also featured a spectacular match between Flamita and Bandido that saw some breathtaking spots. Bandido landed a corkscrew off the top, hit As the World Turns with multiple revolutions until the head scissors and a Fosbury Flop.

Bandido attacked Flamita’s knee by wrapping it around the post and attacking it with a broom. Then, Bandido hit a Super ‘Rana off the barricade.

As Bandido hoisted Flamita on his shoulders, referee Todd Sinclair was knocked down and led to Flamita capitalizing with a low blow and stepped on top of Bandido for the win. This match was excellent.

The other match on the show featured Mike Bennett & Matt Taven defeating Beer City Bruiser & Ken Dixon after Dixon had the match won and wasted time, thus leading to The OGK making a comeback and pinning Dixon. Afterward, Taven hit Bruiser with a beer bottle over the head.

Brian Milonas was on commentary and came to check on Bruiser before attacking Dixon and The Bouncers were reunited after a brief split.

Next week’s episode features Quinn McKay taking on Angelina Love.