Tony Khan: "Most of the roster in AEW is vaccinated"

Originally published at Tony Khan: "Most of the roster in AEW is vaccinated"

AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke to the Pro Wrestling Torch and spoke about most of the AEW being vaccinated as well as himself.

The interview was conducted by Wade Keller for the Focus on AEW show on the Torch site with Khan sharing the vaccination rate in the company, noting that “most” are vaccinated for COVID-19: (Transcription by Ethan Renner of the Wrestling Observer site)

Most of the roster in AEW is vaccinated. And, for example, there have been some places we went where everybody had to be vaccinated… I think when the company starts doing international travel, we’ll see that for say, Canada, for England, places like that, it’ll be very difficult for wrestlers to travel without it.

AEW continued to run its television tapings out of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida throughout the pandemic until this past June. The promotion returned on the road in July.

Khan noted that the recent Chris Jericho Rock ‘N’ Rager required all attendees to be vaccinated and featured many AEW talents on the cruise.

During the interview, Khan noted that he has not mandated vaccinations in AEW for talent.

Khan was also asked about his own vaccination status and confirmed he was vaccinated:

Yeah. That’s the first time somebody has ever asked me that on the record. But, yeah. I mean, I’m in the NFL. I mean, our access is very different if you’re not. So I mean, it’s different with players and ownership, yes, but all of us are under the same mandates and there’s mask mandates in the locker room, and really it’s a very different set of rules for the unvaccinated people in the NFL.